Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Plan Canada Sends Me A Survey

So, a little while ago, the Plan Canada Charity sent me a survey in the email.

A while back, I provided my moral support to the group for something about helping women's rights in 3rd world countries.

The survey asked me about my fundraising activities.

1) I didn't complete university nor do I attend church. I'm not around people.

2) I can't even raise money for the work I've done, I can't even sell product. A lot of people are very poor even in our own western nations, and trying to get payment for anything is extremely difficult.

3) I guess I'll just mention this on my blog to ask people right here:::

PLEASE donate to PlanCanada.ca. I know you probably won't, but hey, at least I'm asking.

the URL is <plancanada.ca>. Donate to them.

There, that was my fundraising.

The thing I've really noticed is that there are a lot of poor people out there. Lots of people in huge debt, while I myself have less than $100 in my chequing account which is my budget for the rest of the month.

I was the FIRST member of Team Canuck for the World Food Programme's celebration of Canada's 150th birthday ----- the idea was they were trying to raise 150,000 gifted meals for the celebration.

The goal failed pretty badly. I don't think we even got halfway there. And that was WITH George Strombo's help.

They managed to raise quite a bit of donation from Team Canuck ---- but not even close to the goal.

Is it all just my own fault? Or is the economy really actually in the dumps?

The American markets may be "up", but that doesn't mean society as a whole is doing well.

Anyway ----- I'm obviously not the greatest fundraiser, failed the WFP, and I just can't even sell my products for the cheapest prices either.

But this blog post will be my attempt to appeal for donations to this charity.

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