Thursday, June 14, 2018

My Life is a Dream ---- Freakish Storyline

On May 20th 2018 I created a PDF with a story contained within.

Only my Mom and I have read that story unless someone else has been looking at my iCloud files.

What the fictional short story said basically came true in a distorted way in just the following days and weeks after.

I basically have this recent "storyline" on my blog that starts somewhere with me declaring my sister to be "innocent" --- basically a forgiveness of the extreme difficulty she was for me as a kid.

About the time of writing that post, I had created a short story that I was thinking about publishing but didn't because when my Mom read it, she didn't laugh ---- and it was supposed to be funny (and based on current events, or a fictional variation on current events).

Maybe it's just hard to get Mormons to laugh ----- but I didn't publish the story since she didn't find it as amusing as I did.

The thing is::::: something really weird happened basically in the past month -------- and though not exactly the same ------- it actually directly resembles something I fictitiously wrote just days before this freakish storyline on my blog started.

There's a video game called "Alan Wake". That game was interesting for me. It actually resembles what just happened to me in real life right in recent experience.

Life seems like a dream. It's like I'm already dead and gone to some kind of heaven that only resembles what I knew in "real life".

It could also be looked at like I was down on a lower level when I was young ---- but when I got my patriarchal blessing something completely magical happened and now I'm just growing and progressing.

What reality really is has become so mind-boggling. To me, life is magical.

How anything ever happens now can basically be summed up in the law of attraction basically: "Thoughts become things".

I wrote a short story fictitiously based on current events ------ and in a sense, in a very immediate sense ----- the story came true.

I'm just sitting here in awe of what has happened.  Absolutely amazing. Just like Alan Wake - except with a different story being written.


With how a wrote a short fictional story in a recent event time frame ----- and then the story basically came true, more or less,

and how Elder GONG and Elder SOARES became LDS apostles -----

and a whole history of very interesting things happening --------

My mind is just blown.  Reality is far more magical and amazing than I would have known as a kid. Having faith is a big part of finding out though.


My current lock-in period as a home connection with my ISP is going to end within a month or so ------- it's becoming [more] possible [it seems] at this point for me to switch to a business internet connection where I can set up my own website and distribute my own whatevers.

Maybe if I do set up my own business connection with my own server ---- maybe then I can distribute my short story. Just for the fun of it. To show you what ai wrote and compare it to what happened. Maybe.

You could say I could just publish the story on Amazon Kindle or something ---- but no, I know people won't pay me for it, and the story is going to be dated, so I might as well just release it as a PDF on my own serve in coming months.

If anything happens at all. We'll see.

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