Wednesday, June 6, 2018

I feel strange

My very first comment here will be that in my chest, I feel a bit weird.

It's like an energy or something just accumulating in my chest -- not like the Mormon version of the Holy Ghost --- it's like I can easily wonder if someone or some people are praying something about me.

Truth is, I could say more about more that's gone on, but I'm going to keep quiet now --- one of the problems I've faced historically is "casting my pearls before swine" and I'm going to try to learn from that mistake. So I'm not going to go fully into detail about what's been going on.

Not that you all are swine, but someone out there might be.

Should I feel weird that I saw a guy in a crown at the park, and that I tried to prophetically identify him?

He may have just been some guy ------- so I don't know how much faith to have in my brain or in any magic to tell me who he really was.

So::: I have some evidence in my life experience that the LDS church is magical -- and the church tries to get their people to make lifelong covenants to do this that and the other thing for the church.

There is a real magic in LDS Mormonism:::: seeing things, hearing things, talking to God and getting a response from a prophet ---- miracles.

The problem is that there are big issues with church history, church doctrine, and my personal experience with people in the organization.

yes --- some of my memories came back to me.

On one hand, the church is very magical and you could think it was real ---- but on the other hand, just because they have magic doesn't mean they really are the truth as well as the organization is capable of being so dysfunctional that it may just be a complete waste of time to participate with them.

It's something to think about.

I suppose I could say one of the good reasons why I did NOT end up in a closer relationship with Avril Lavigne is because if I had been closer to her, I would've likely been trying to promote the church --- and if the church isn't really true, then promoting it would have been bad.

Well, I feel such an energy now ---- but I don't want to go into total detail about things anymore because I need to learn from past mistakes about casting pearls before swine.

This is mostly just an update about feeling unsure of the church and questioning my own sanity about trying to identify the man in the crown.

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