Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Good Things about my family

I've probably mentioned the deliberate driving of myself insane too many times to count recently on this blog ----- but that was just one moment in history, and it was my sisters' friend who actually started it,

so now, here, I am going to write some good things about my family.

Every member of my family has good traits.

1) My Dad ------- he's a great driver and a great handyman. Not fun to talk to for me, but he's a cog in the family's gears that keeps things working.

2) My Mom -------- She's good to talk to, great listener, worked at a job and kept the family running ----- if there's anything good about Mormonism, my Mom tries to exemplify it.

3) My older brother --------- I really appreciate my brother because he's not a total freeloader. He has learned to pay for things in a BIG way. Whenever I have coffee, or candy, or pizza or anything that he needs that he doesn't have which I do ----- he'll gladly pay me for mine. I really appreciate this. It's a good thing he does.

4) The older of my sisters --------- She was a real pain in my neck as a kid, but as an adult, she has become nicer and *more* responsible. She actually is attempting to engage in an industry too, as if she feels she's in competition with me for making the big bucks ---- although the potential to make the big bucks was in my industry while it'd be great to see her at least break even in what she's doing.

5) My youngest sister ----------- My youngest sister is the only one of us who turned out really well.  She was a mostly good kid, she's a good adult ----- most people really like her.  She's nice and responsible.

SO:::: My family isn't really all that bad.

It's just that according to Mormonism home is supposed to be a refuge ---- but #4, the older of my sisters, she was just a real pain in the neck as a kid -------- and then Mormonism said I was always supposed to forgive everything, which means I was never allowed to lay down the law, and well, by the time I became an adult - school, school problems, and home problems and church problems basically had me burned out.

So, I had a hard time as I grew up, but now currently as an adult, things are going better ---- the worst part is just having memories.

I'm writing this post just to let you know my family is at least somewhat functional.

The only real bad thing I can say about my family in the current sense is that the females don't understand how to ask God for help making money. It's not in their grammar.

My understanding is that if you want to do anything in life, it's really good to get God's help with it.

The women in my family just don't understand asking God for help making money.

That's the biggest problem.

Other than that ----- my family actually operates pretty well. As long as I don't have memories.

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