Sunday, June 3, 2018

Could this be debunked?

With all the magical discussion I've had over the past couple weeks --- Youtube has been showing me videos of presenters trying to disprove or declare fraudulent various ministries and pastors.

Last night Youtube even showed me a video about a man who claims to be Jesus.

In my experience, here is one of the confusing things about what I've seen or claimed:::

As I have seen or identified "Him" ----- Jesus is both a black and a white man.

I have seen both white and black Jesus.

He changes his skin color.

I believed in black Jesus for very specific reasons I mention in my book, and more recently he's popped up again, as I have mentioned on my blog,

but generally speaking the Jesus I saw for quite a while was white Jesus. Not white-haired --- although I believe he also changes his hair color.

White Jesus looks closer to what you'd "traditionally" expect. Not quite though, the best comparison I can make based on old memories of what I saw was the hairstyle was similar with a modern European painter who supposedly also met Jesus --- although the hairstyle was similar, I think I saw Him with a slightly different hair color.

So:::: this is a point where I might be found confusing. Jesus is both black and white.

In my understanding, the REAL Jesus can change his own skin color.

In the Book of Finch, I mention a story that happened while I was still in High School where my hair magically turned from brown to blonde.  This is a very real thing that happened.

Here's another confusing thing about Jesus:::::

Back a few years ago Plan Canada phoned and asked me to support a child ---- the child had a rough time so I decided that I would support the child.

The charity representative said, "You will get a medal in heaven for this!"

A while later, while my new across the street neighbors were moving in ---- there was a man with them who just sat on the steps of their house, staring at my house. They didn't seem to notice him.

So, I had new neighbors, and a man was with them who they didn't notice.

They lived at that house for about a year --- but I saw this man only that one day.

And he looked like Jesus. BUT ----- this time, with a different haircut and a different hair color.

So:::: it's just a little confusing when I've seen Black Jesus and Reddish-Brown-Haired Jesus, and this time Jesus was blondish. He looked like Jesus but had a different hairstyle and hair color. And I have no idea how the people he was with didn't notice him or why he just sat there staring at my house.

That was a few years ago.

SO:::::: That's one of the biggest confusing points you can make about my experiences. Jesus drastically changes his own appearance.


OK ------ So I mentioned that last Sunday I saw people dressed in white and a man in a white crown ---- what was that about then?

I asked God who he was.

No, he was not God nor Jesus.

A name DID pop into my mind though, clear and understandable.

Because the people dressed in white looked very real, I just thought they might've been "regular mortals".

Last night when I asked God who that man was ------- he might actually be a character. I don't want to tell you whose name appeared in my mind though.

One part of me just wishes I could just say that was just some special religious group rather than a bunch of angels ------

But having asked God who it was and having an instant response in the form of a Biblical name in my head, I can perhaps suppose that I was having a supernatural or paranormal experience ----- but this is just a voice in my head talking to me.

I will say that voices in my head have accurately told me information before,

so if the voice from last night can be trusted-----

then the man was a character from the Bible, I know the name but choose not to reveal it ---- and he was even a sort-of famous character from the bible --- but not someone we usually talk about. Not like a major protagonist or anything. I'll say he's more than a minor character, but not a major character either.

And that's all based on a voice I heard in my mind telling me who he was after I asked God who he was.

The voice might even be true ---- but I don't want to tell you.


I'm trying to understand.

When I saw the man with the white crown, I  thought it was either some strange religious event, or it might've been God --- just as a guess.

Of course, I can't really say that out loud, because my Dad thinks it was just the Copts having a wedding.  He and I saw more or less saw the same thing, but our perspectives differ on what it was.

So it's best for me to not try to identify anything.

BUT --- Like I said in the post above:::: Last night I asked GOD who that man in the white crown was, and a thought told me a name.

The name was clear and easy to understand. Such thoughts have been so accurate before, I could easily assume this thought was true.

The name I was told was one of the ancient Hebrew Patriarchs.

But as the day went on today ----- I heard thoughts tell me the names of 4 additional Hebrew Patriarchs.

I'm not making this up ---- I'm just hearing these names in my thoughts.

I did not hear any such name before asking God who it was. As soon as I asked God for who it was: boom, I got a name.

But now 4 more names have appeared throughout the day.

I'm not sure I fully 100% understand the situation, but my guess is that it might be LDS Church-related as President Nelson is coming to Calgary, Edmonton, and area -----

and it might just be that these 5 ancient patriarchs are mystically hanging out in the area as this visit will happen.

This is just a guess, however.

I'm feeling friendlier to the LDS these days ----- but still I would question how authentic the church really is even now, and wonder why the authentic patriarchs would be so involved.

If the church is accepted at face value::: then yes, the original Hebrew Patriarchs would be involved.

SO::: I am friendlier with the church in my spirit ---- but I still fear deception. There's just too much historical evidence that there's been things wrong with the church before.

SO::::: I saw a man in a white crown, a thought in my head told me a name -------

but now 4 more names of his brothers have appeared in my mind in the same day.

This is the information I have.  If the information is true, I just suspect that all 5 of them might be in the area. Maybe.

That's if the LDS church can really truly be trusted (as a source of divine patriarchal inspiration) that is.

So who knows.

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