Sunday, June 17, 2018

An Amazing Thing

In this blog post I'm going to say something amazing::: and it's true ---- but this type of thing might be commonplace enough in magical reality that it might be easily forgettable.

About a week or so ago I started becoming depressed. Just having memories from my life history were bringing me down.

This morning, I had a headache, a youtube video reminded me of how much I've suffered in my own family. And I was depressed.

So, I came upstairs and tried talking with my Dad about the problems on my mind ---- of course, true to his nature, all he could respond with was interruptions, arguments and really just isn't a good person to talk to.

I took an Ativan. Mostly, the discussion ended.

But I still had a headache.

So, I went to lie down again, and my headache was kind of getting pretty bad ------

So all I said was "Dear Heavenly Father, please send Jesus to heal my headache".

Very quickly, 99% of my headache was gone. Right now about 99.5% of the headache is gone.

As I am writing this, I literally feel like my brain was overcome by a healing and I don't feel the vast majority of the pain I was feeling just moments ago.


It was always a really big question for me how a man declared miraculous by the church would then instantly be declared Schizophrenic.

If I was miraculous -- couldn't we just magically heal the schizophrenia?

I suppose there were problems though, like

1) My sisters were actually deliberately trying to drive me insane. They WANTED mental illness ----- it wouldn't make sense to God to ask for my mental illness and then ask for an instant healing right after ---

so my family is a bit foolish, to say the least....

2) but also, as I was discussing with my Dad today ----- in a lot of ways the LDS Church just doesn't make any sense.

Today it was basically just going over D&C 64 and the whole forgiveness doctrine and double standard in the church.

SO::::: I was declared miraculous, but I was instantly held as schizophrenic as well.

Asking for insanity just isn't the brightest thing to do. And all I was ever told was that I was required to forgive them.

The situation just didn't work.


But now, just now, I reached a point in my life where I was having a bad headache ---- and just by asking God for a healing I got a very quick healing.  That was pretty cool.

I was feeling rotten this morning, especially with the headache.  Asked for a healing, and now I'm no longer hurting.


The point of discussion I had is illustratable with how::::

My sisters would actually want me to be mentally ill,,,

and all the church would say is that everything has to be forgiven.

My sisters were clearly hurting me,

and the church can't just let me declare a suit or lay down the law about their behavior.

So:::: though the miraculous should easily heal schizophrenia, the miraculous actually became schizophrenic.

That doesn't help the church's credibility, especially when members of the church itself were actually trying to cause mental illness.

Just really dumb.


At least the headache is gone.

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