Monday, May 7, 2018

Someone is having a bad day

So: this blog post kind of more actual news rather than just me talking about my life.

Personally, my day hasn't been so bad ---- but I went on a car ride today and saw two things out of the ordinary happen.

As I and my Dad were driving along, we just saw a guy fall off his bicycle. This experience is unique enough ----

but when we got to our destination, the shop we were going to:::: there were police cars and a SWAT team hanging out outside the store.

As my Dad and I walked into the store, the person who greeted us told us the situation had already been involved.

So::: according to The Law of Attraction, if your day starts bad, it just keeps going on bad.

My Day hasn't been so bad, I've been having a pretty good day,

but I saw two things go wrong in the local community today, and these two things are completely out of the ordinary occurrences.


My Dad and I bought what we wanted, left the store: and the SWAT team was already gone.


Last night I sent an email to my friends and family about how strange something about my experience in the LDS Church was.

Maybe I'll talk about it on my blog some time, but I don't really feel like it right now.


but yeah, I guess someone is having a bad day. Two seemingly unconnected disasters at about the same time in the same city. So strange.

Oh ---- and no, we did not stop to "help" the guy who fell off his bike --- we didn't feel any great need to, nor did we want to block traffic on the one-way lane.

Just other people having bad experiences I guess. I'm just wondering if there's any spiritual or metaphysical explanation for any of this. I don't know.

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