Sunday, May 27, 2018

Now that I'm forgetting --- Already a religious issue has come up

So::: Forgiveness is forgetting, I'm forgetting so much, the problems don't seem like an issue anymore.

My friend from church invited me to church today. That sounded like fun to me, except my Dad and I have to take my Mom to her work today and I don't want to impose anything bad on my Dad's conception that I have a problem at church.

So::: my brain is different, I've forgotten so much, church sounds fun, but Mom has to work and Dad might be uncomfortable.

So::: as my Mom was getting ready for work, I asked her: "Can we [us guys] go to the zoo today?"

My Mom then explained to me that there are blessings for keeping the Sabbath Day holy and going to the zoo would be inappropriate.

Now, this is where I'm confused.

1) If God gave us all our agency, what gives MOM the right to dictate to us men what we choose to do on Sunday?

2) I suddenly had a memory of a Sunday long ago where my Mom was screaming at me for playing video games on Sunday ---- and while I wasn't supposed to enjoy my day of rest in a restful manner, my SISTER was being encouraged to do her homework on that same day of rest.


Sunday is a day of REST.

Mom works on Sunday.

My sister is supposed to do her homework on Sunday.

Yet I'm not allowed to enjoy some video game R&R on Sunday and I can't just go to enjoy the animals at the zoo either.

Like:::: I've heard rumors that the LDS Church has started to teach that men are saved by Grace ---- so if men are saved by Grace, then what's so important about keeping your schedule clear on Sunday?

Why not just forgive me for visiting the animals on Sunday?

There's this whole thing where Sunday is a Day or Rest --- and How we are required to forgive all men-------

But somehow my Mom works on Sunday and my sister was actually encouraged to do her homework on Sunday,

While I am not allowed just to enjoy my day of rest with a video game or by visiting the amazing animals at the zoo.

Forgiveness is required for all men ---- we are saved by grace ------- and yet somehow some R&R is now forbidden on the Sabbath, even though the Sabbath is the day of rest.


And who can really be certain that Sunday is the real sabbath anyway? Some people would argue it's actually still Saturday.

SO:::::: Though I know there is a God, and his magic is very real and very powerful ----- just a simple question of what can I do today has ended up in a theological nightmare where the one really religious member of our house seems to have little idea of what the rules actually are anyway.

So. Uh.


I was feeling so good about my memory loss. I'm really enjoying myself with it.

But now obviously there's some kind of misunderstanding about how free I am to choose for myself and the logic behind the religious laws and decision making.

Well, there you go.

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