Sunday, May 27, 2018

Maybe I should just be respectful of these people

I was originally thinking I would call this blog post "The week just keeps getting weirder" or something like that ---- but I figured that might be considered disrespectful, so I'm only writing this sentence as a note to how the whole situation feels.


In the past week::

1) Mysterious white lights found in my dark bedroom around midnight on Tuesday--- on, off, flicker --- weird.

2) My Mind is becoming forgetful, I am no longer bothered by so much of my past -- I can't even bring myself to think about it.

3) LDS Church friend suddenly invites me to an Open House near the local Temple.

4) I see a girl at the store who looks like or at least reminds me of this LDS Church friend, but it seems entirely unlikely that this is the actual real person. Just a resemblance, if anything at all, probably.

5) While sitting in the van near a big field, me my brother and my father see numerous lights in the sky, illuminating the clouds. No rain, no thunder.

If that wasn't weird enough, here's what's happened now::::::

After writing that last blog post and dropping my Mom at her work, we decided we would go for a walk at BAKER PARK.

At first glance, as we are walking from the parking lot into the park, we see a man dressed up like he's LDS standing around talking to people ---- My Dad decides to steer us clear of this man, taking us on a different route in a different direction.

Well:::::: the people we saw my Dad decided to try to identify as "Egyptian Coptic" ---- but we really don't know necessarily who they really were for certain.

There was a decently sized group of people --- all dressed up completely in white. Their white clothes seemed to sparkle it seemed like to me.

We walked further along, and I saw that one of the men who was dressed in very interesting white clothes, like a robe of some sort::: and he wore a white crown.

My Dad, my brother and I all saw this or some form of this going on in our own perspectives.

As we walked back the same way, two of these people had started banging on these big drums they had.

So::::: I do not say we can say with any level of absolute certainty who these people were at all::: but it was an amazing sight and it if you saw it you would really wonder.

So::: It makes the most sense in the world to be respectful in a situation like this.

But my whole week has been pretty weird ---- So this is really the icing on the cake or the cherry on the sundae --- or so it seems.

OH ------ and for anyone who wonders, I am not, as far as I know, under any agreement or "covenant" to keep such information to myself, I am not obligated to keep such things secret --- I think, as far as I am aware. If I am, I dunno, what else can I do but say what see?

My brother and Dad saw it too, at least some parts of the latter story.

I think there is a scripture that says something like "Do not hide your light under a bushel, let it shine for men to see" or something ------ sharing information is important, as I understood Jesus' teaching.

Maybe I might regret talking about this publicly on my blog, but who knows really right?

When I was growing up as a Mormon::: I was told so many fascinating and amazing stories that it only seems natural and like second nature to talk about such things.

One of my old problems about the church was that for some reason the only testimony that was really allowed about such things was Joseph Smith's testimony.

Joseph Smith was A-OK but for some reason, my own personal experiences were being put down. Something seems so wrong with that.

Especially when after you do your research you find out that Joseph Smith wouldn't or couldn't keep his story straight about what happened.

So:::: the LDS church can be questionable, kind of, depending on how you look at it (especially when you think about my last blog post before this one) ---- so basically, I really don't see why I wouldn't be allowed to share my personal testimony of such things.

But, in the end, in reality, we don't really necessarily know who those people were. In Mormon eyes, it looked very interesting.  It may have simply been some kind of marriage ceremony for a different church for all we know.

Anyway. Who knows what to think anyway.

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