Saturday, May 12, 2018

Keeping Track of My Credit Score

I logged in to my brokerage account this morning.

They told me they had a new service where they could show me my credit score.

I looked it up.

They told me my score, but on this bank's scale, the score was put just one step above the worst level.

This bank had previously offered me a $10,000 credit card --- so I wondered why my credit score was just one level above the bottom.

So, I went to another financial institution that offers a similar service just to make sure ---- sure enough the credit score was the same ------ except on this 2nd bank's scale I was one step below the top level and three or four steps from the bottom.

So::: different banks scale the credit scores differently.

In one bank I'm in the second level from the bottom, and at another bank, the same score is second level from the top.

Not that I really intend on ever getting a new credit card or going into debt.

An interesting thing about the information at bank #1 ---- the information looked very old.

Another thing:::: At bank #3 I'm always telling them I'm on Unemployment & Disability,

while at bank #1 they had my status listed as Self-Employed.

Kind of makes me laugh to see that.

I'm being recognized, I guess, as someone who has tried. Except for yesterday's wishy-washy-in-authenticity e-transfer, I never really receive much.

So::: I am on Disability all the time, but I tried to work ------- so two different banks have two different statuses on me.

And two different banks look at the same credit score in vastly different ways it looks like.

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