Monday, May 28, 2018

It's not going away

So::: I've been telling stories of weird things happening.

It hasn't stopped.

What I'm noting here isn't a big thing, but it's definitely VERY noticeable.

Yesterday and today, I've been listening to Apple Music through streaming on my iPhone.

This function has worked perfectly for a very long time.

But yesterday, and again today ------ the music is getting all distorted and weird. I can't hear it properly. It would seem like something is wrong with the technology, but I don't think anything is broken.

My guess is MAYBE it has something to do with the music being streamed over wireless, and maybe there's some kind of interference in the electromagnetic waves in my house.

Why would that be?

Well, if I was seeing a mysterious white light last Tuesday --- well, white lights ARE ELECTROMAGNETIC WAVES.

Of course, there's another side to this:::::

The other day, like Friday or Saturday I think, I was listening to one of the preset internet radio stations on American Truck Simulator, playing the game.

Every song that was playing was VERY RELIGIOUS and made to sound like it was all in the style of very modern present day music.

I mean, maybe that is actually what the station was playing ----- but that's not what you'd normally expect from such a station.

Although, to be honest, even in most regular music that personally I listen to these days, many of the songs actually do have some form of religious basis anyway ---- so maybe hearing religious music in the video game wasn't a big deal and was just normal --------

But yeah --- either I broke my iphone somehow, or there's an electromagnetic wave problem in my house, seems like the most reasonable suspicion I could have.

OH ----- and this reminds me of a story I think I wrote on my blog from a long time ago where I was walking (exercising) listening to Jesus Christ Superstar on my iPod, when the music changed itself to a song about Horoscopes ----- and as I continued walking and turned a corner I saw what looked like a famous ghost wearing a sweater that said "XAVIER" on it.

So::: yeah, that old story is a little bit relatable seemingly to this new experience, just an iDevice malfunction with weird stuff going on around me.

Seems like a reasonable thing to mention on my blog.

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