Tuesday, May 29, 2018

It's Getting Even Weirder

Yesterday, after talking about electromagnetic wave issues I was sitting around when the public emergency alarm sounded on my iphone.

I looked at the message:: supposedly it had only been a test.

But then I very quickly noticed our internet had disconnected --- we had connectivity issues throughout the day yesterday.

We did some other stuff in the day, but I'm not going to describe it here so I don't gossip and so people can have their privacy - but yes, strange things were actually continuing to happen.

So::: the reason I finally took out my laptop to write this blog post::: we are driving around North East Calgary right now, and my Dad has noted that the clouds in the sky "look like a washboard".

The clouds in the sky have taken on shape forms and formations that are entirely unusual and yes I have pictures.

Too lazy to put those pictures on my blog right now though.

And I'm going to post this before my laptop crashes again.

So::: things got weird, and continue to be weird. That's all I'm reporting.

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