Monday, May 7, 2018

I was thanked for 10 years

10 years ago, Avril Lavigne held her Best Damn Tour concert in Calgary.

Shortly after that, I heard someone at the door and I opened the door to see a short blonde girl who looked a lot like Avril Lavigne standing there --- with some material to tell me about the Plan Canada Charity.

At the time, I couldn't afford to help. My credit card was maxed out and AiSH was barely enough.

What's interesting is that the CEO of Plan Canada has sent me a card to thank me for 10 years of help.

That's interesting that it was 10 years ago we're commemorating --- because 10 years ago was when I first heard about the organization.

I didn't actually donate, if I remember correctly, until late 2010.

So::: though it's only been 7-8 years since I first donated, I got the 10 year card today --- because it was, I guess, about 10 years ago someone who looked like a rock star I had recently been to the concert of appeared at my front door to tell me about the charity.


That is very interesting that the CEO of the Charity would commemorate that moment about 10 years ago.


Well, I feel happy. I have memories of how my financial story has been for the past 10 years --- and things have greatly improved since 10 years ago, even if I never got paid much for my actual work.

I have to wonder if that big donation I made in 2010 somehow caused a metaphysical law to give back to me a big increase in my benefit. Maybe that's what it was.

Because in 2010 I applied for and managed to get a big credit limit on a low-interest rate credit card --- where I was able to pay for publishing my book.  And, as I felt like I could afford it, I spent a bunch of money on Charity too at that time.

The book didn't really pay. But magically Alberta now has probably the most beneficial disability benefit in the country. Metaphysics maybe?

Anyway, good memories

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