Tuesday, May 15, 2018

I Don't Use Linkedin

Four days ago I received a supposed e-transfer which looked pretty wishy-washy and I wasn't too sure if it was real. When I clicked the link, the link was real, but the transaction had been canceled.

Yesterday someone tried to connect with me at the same email address with a valid Linkedin connection of some kind. I did not recognize the name of this person.

I do not use Linkedin.

I did not know what the Interac e-transfer was for.

I did not recognize the name.

For all I know, someone else was handing out my email address again.

If you want to contact me about something, like paying me for work::: then send me an email to explain what's up --- it's that simple. It'll become apparent very quickly if I'm not even the right recipient.

Or, you can send me bitcoin anonymously at my donation addy. No one has done that yet.

I may have been a really really good student up to grade 11 ----- but I stopped being "professional" when a very severe mental illness hit me. I'm recovering, but I am currently discouraged at how hard it is to get paid for anything I do.

Are there reasons why I might get paid? Yes ---- I recently learned some new more recent statistics about sales at OUYA (if these stats are true).

One thing I know about the new stats is this::::

If they are true, then EITHER:

1) Something wasn't reported correctly
2) My games sucked really bad
3) Maybe people just didn't like me

What other explanation could there be that could reconcile the new stat I learned with how my sales report performed?

But, truthfully, I screwed up so badly in so many ways as an OUYA developer. In the end, I always seemed to fix the problems ---- but I wasn't the greatest, obviously.

But:::: if the new stat I learned is true and option 1) is what happened, then maybe that explains why I'd get an e-transfer like that out of the blue. Maybe.

I'm not sure if this last thing is really worth commenting on:::

But a video on Youtube has helped me understand that writing my books was like a calling and writing my video games was somewhere between being a hobby and a calling -----

which means I wasn't likely to really get paid for those things.

You get paid for doing a job.

My books were more of a calling and my games were like a hobby.

Somehow the person who made the Youtube video just knew what I did fit into a category that wouldn't make money.

The payment I suppose I received (even according to this video) for my calling was apparently the extreme happiness I mentioned in my last post. That's apparently how it works.

And I could go on to talk about other things on my mind, but I don't think it's important to yammer on and on about things Youtube has taught me about psychology here. So I won't. But it's an interesting topic.

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