Thursday, May 31, 2018

Got an Email

So, I received an email from someone claiming they have money to "ship out", more or less.

Normally, such emails would be looked at as likely scammy, and I'm not even sure if I'm in my right mind to necessarily know what's real or what isn't ---- angels are real, I think ----- but nonetheless, a psychiatrist may become concerned if I'm seeing lights in the darkness.

Before allowing anyone to send me any money for what my "plan" is, I might as well outline my plan.

What is my plan?

To provide homes for the homeless here in Calgary.

The reason I'm talking to God:::: This is more of a "deal with God" situation where I do something for God and God does something for me in exchange, it's pretty simple.

An actual human investor would hate this idea because they would lose their investment as this isn't likely to earn cash for investors, it's more charitable than a cash earner ---- not a money making investment.

A human charitable donator, however, might be upset that I do intend on spending some of the money "GOD" would give me on myself and my family ----

Basically, in exchange for providing and managing homes for the homeless, GOD would be giving me and my siblings our own homes.

The deal is that simple.

I would either buy decently priced homes or get my carpenter brother-in-law to help me build new homes (because that's one of the things he does is build houses) and then with these homes available, I would try to go to homeless shelters and start offering the homeless places to live.

Rather than provide entirely free housing and be taken advantage of by the clients (if they were to become wealthy), my rent system would look something like this:

10% of your income is rent if you make 500 dollars or less per month.
20% if you make 500-1000 per month.
30% if you make 1500 or more per month.

The percentage rent is designed to allow poor people to live in these homes (so it's not really a profitable endeavor really, it's more like a charity), while if one of these homeless poor people becomes a millionaire or something they will want to move out of one of these homes to save money on their rent.

So, if you make 0 dollars in income, then you do pay 0 dollars in rent. That's right.

The houses I would manage would basically be for the people who have absolutely hit rock bottom, and just live on the streets and visit shelters basically.

At first, my idea for this project was: I could do this if I had $20 million. Later I thought more along the lines of a Lotto Max win like $50 million.

I'm not even registered as a charity or anything ---- I basically just had a brainwave that I thought God might be interested in.

My original plan was "this is what I could have done with my life at this point if I had made money selling the products I made years ago".

So:::: this is like an investment, but it's a horrible investment because it'll lose money over time most likely.

This is like a charitable thing to do, except human donators might be upset that this is more of a deal with God where I and my family are designed to benefit from some of the proceeds.

So::: it's possible that someone out there might be LIKE an angel and want to provide 20 or 50 million dollars that they can afford to lose and don't mind helping me help others.

So, I'll just put my PayPal address here:

<I've decided not to show the address anymore>

That is my PayPal address. Of course --- if you donate to me, there's always the question of taxes. Also:::  I know PayPal takes something like 3% ---- but my bank doesn't have a SWIFT Code, so PayPal is what I'd use.

I am actually not registered as any kind of charitable organization. My intentions may be charitable, but I've only just started having this idea ---- and I figured this is more of a sort of thing God could invest in rather than regular people.

Also:::: and if the homeless people I'd deal with had no income, I might help steer them towards Alberta Supports, where they may find access to the income support programs in Alberta.

Also:::: As an individual myself, I wouldn't want to be forced to live with other people in the same home that I don't want to be around ---- therefore more than one person per home unit would only happen if they wanted it that way, like if they were friends or family. I wouldn't force strangers to live together. So, the homes might be small, but at least it would be your own private place.


Obviously, most people have no hope of funding such a project --------- this is just if you are feeling angelic and don't mind that this is more of a "deal with God" situation.


After posting my PayPal address --- I have already received an email with some kind of identification code or number, and something about having an account somewhere.

My GMAIL did not view this email as spam. On one hand, it looks legitimate, but on the other hand, it looks like the kind of thing which would be viewed as potentially illegitimate.

I'll check the email on my computer to see if the URL provided looks OK. It might be legit, but it looks like the sort of thing you'd expect to go straight to spam. So, I'll have a cautious look. At least at the URL provided.


The URL provided goes to some kind of Google Link. I don't even know what that Google link does. I'm really not sure I want to click on it.

Google might be legit, but I still don't know what to think of this, or what it is exactly supposed to be.

It looks somewhat real, resembling something you'd normally avoid --- provides a Google link but not much explanation. So I'm still cautious.

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