Thursday, May 31, 2018

Got another email

This time the email LOOKS more legitimate --- it's a Hotmail address with nothing super wrong with it.

The worst thing about it is it provides some kind of code or number --- but I don't know what that is.

I don't know if it's some kind of Federal Tax ID for something or if it's a Google AdSense thing --- the email doesn't explain.

It's just this ID Code of some kind, don't know what it does or what it's for,

and something that lightly relates to my previous post.

With a link that does who-knows-what-even-if-it-says-Google.

The email really might be legit and honest --- it really might be ---- but I have NO IDEA EXACTLY WHAT THIS CODE IS.

It's too bad most people don't have typing as a second-nature skill like I do ---- some written explanation would really come in handy.

So::: the email is lightly related, it's got some kind of code which does who-knows-what and yeah. A link that does-who-knows-what too.

For the longest time we've been taught to be cautious. So I'm just posting this here to ask you to explain yourself.


One small part of me is thinking "Am I REALLY doing this?????"

The bigger part of me is gung-ho and visualizing what I want to do.

I've already talked to my brother-in-law and father about this. Though, they will only know about more if they visit this blog or if I open my mouth about it.

The idea was floated in my home ----- and I'm basically just doing my own thing right now writing about my thoughts on my blog.

I just feel a right sort of spirit about me like if I received the money I would get down to work --- especially as my Mom is retiring from her job soon and I will be able to have a more free schedule.

It's something to do. Something good to do.

But honestly, my brain has gone through some kind of major change ---- I am in a completely different mindset now than when I was doing other things for the past years. It's more positive. More gung-ho.

A warning about this::: I remember historically my family wasn't the most supportive of my OUYA or book projects ----- my Dad has some idea of what I'm thinking these days and if it happens I think he'd help me. And getting my brother-in-law doing things if necessary would happen too, I'm sure.

So:::: what are the chances that somehow I'd get the money for this? Most people don't have money I know ---- and I set my budget really high ---- but it needs to be a budget like that in order to actually buy or build homes for people to live in.

Most people couldn't afford to help me. SO:::: who knows.

If Avril Lavigne visited my blog and saw these messages ---- how much do you think SHE'D be interested? I don't know the exact size of how she could help ---- but hey she's like a friend.

I have seen "her" numerous times over the years. We don't talk, mostly because I'm really weird around her and I even wonder if I'm just hallucinating or if it's really her.

I don't even know if I can trust my own eyes if I see Avril or white glowing men or anything!!

That's how my situation is.

I feel totally mentally capable --- I feel good. But some of the people I've seen around might have you thinking ??????

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