Saturday, May 5, 2018

Gaming Today with me

On a side note, I will say that psychologically I have a small issue where momentarily at various periods, for who knows what reason, I feel a little insecure for a little while. It's momentary, it doesn't last, sometimes I feel confident, but sometimes I feel insecure. Whatever that's supposed to mean.

So::: ever since I rearranged some of the electronics in my house, I've gotten deeper into being a gamer again.

If you knew me personally, maybe you would know that I love going for car rides. I spend a lot of time with my father, partly because he drives the van, and I love riding with him in the van.

Well, a Youtube video told me about this game that's supposedly pretty popular:: it's called "American Truck Simulator".

I bought it on Steam on my Mac.

and I love it.

That game is actually awfully similar in its effect on me as actually going for an actual car ride. It's about the same level of fun as a real car ride --- except these can be long distance journeys, so it becomes extra fun.

One time, as I was about to open Steam to play, I accidentally opened Unity 3d 4 instead and a dialog said that the software is getting old for the current version of MacOS, and that the developer will need to update it.

I doubt Unity 4 will be updated for a newer version of MacOS.  Unity 4 still runs on the current version, but there's a dialog that warns it needs to be updated.

SO::: I would love to be able to keep my Mac Mini as a legacy machine for "developing" or "archiving" my old video games like Blaine Bananatree, but I also want to have a modern mac with the latest software, in the future.

And because my current Mac is only just barely capable of playing American Truck Simulator, that got my mind wandering into this idea that maybe I need or want to buy myself a high-end iMac or something.

The model I was looking at costs ~$5000CAD, and if I strictly save every month I might be able to afford it in a bit over a year of saving ---- but my Dad also says that spending that kind of money on an iMac would be a waste of money.

I suppose iMacs are big and bulky and aren't good for storage after they get old. I have an iMac, it's old now, and though it's mostly useless by now, it just takes up space (but I think my brother uses it actually).

So::::: looking into a future at a time when the new computer becomes obsolete, maybe it makes the most sense to buy a Mini or a Mac Mini, because it hardly takes up any space and is easy to store --- just like my current Mac mini which I want to store for archival purposes.

So::: I guess my best option is just to save up for a little while and buy a really souped-up Mac Mini when I have the money --------

I've actually been thinking about this possibility for a while already, but months ago when I thought about it, I figured I would want a new model upgraded mac mini beyond the 2014 current model.

I put some money in a 90 Day GIC to save, as I thought at the time, for a slightly more future time when a new mac mini might arrive.

That GIC is going to mature in a couple weeks ----- and no new mac minis announced.

Well, I guess I'll have to be patient. Just keep saving.

So::: the point of this blog post:::

I found a game that's very enjoyable, as fun as a real car ride, and I love car rides.

And my thinking about how I would love to get a new mac soon so I can put my old mac into storage for archival purposes.

And finally, I will just say that when I bought my current 2012 model mac mini, I was especially "lucky" or "foresighted" to buy it with the upgraded processor at build-to-order, because the standard model processer I think might've had difficulty playing American Truck Simulator.

So I got kind of lucky in that regard. Thank God. (and yes, I am quite certain there really is a God).

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