Wednesday, May 30, 2018


So, I was just sitting on my Dad's bed, excitedly thinking to myself about how to answer the question:

"Who is the Holy Ghost anyway?"

Like, even if I do figure out, I'm thinking there's a chance I won't say anything because of how disruptive it might be to the church or any church ----

But as I was pondering this question, in a low-light bedroom, the room got brighter, and brighter, and brighter.

And I looked toward the light, and clearly, there was a light, and I know this because as I looked at the light the light just vanished. And it was dark again.

No one was playing with any light switches.

And I almost wonder if I saw an arm in a white robe.

Whether it was physical or just spiritual I do not know --- he vanished before I could do the handshake test.

Remember::: I'm not under any agreements to keep information to myself, as far as I am aware.

I personally just exercise my own decision making in what's appropriate and not appropriate to talk about.

Seeing bright lights appear in a dark room is so cool and exciting that it feels like something to share.

I am 100% serious about this.  There was a light and I saw it ---- and when I turned my head to look directly at it/Him, He/it disappeared.

I should mention that this all comes directly before the LDS Prophet is coming to visit my area of the world in the coming next month.

Also:::: A while ago I decided to look up last day prophecies in the bible and I came across Matthew 24:27.

That scripture REALLY FITS IN WELL with my weekend experience.

I know I shouldn't just assume that I was seeing anything really important::::

But here's the thing::::: Who on earth runs around in a white crown? Sounds like God in some form to me.

Basically, I didn't even need to see the guy in the crown, just seeing people in white and I already thought I was having some kind of vision maybe.

A vision that the three of us shared together. We all saw it.

Is there any evidence that it was some kind of vision or visitation at Baker Park?

Here's a clue:::

The angels who were beating on the drums were beating a very specific beat.

The next day when I was just walking out of the shopping mall, I was hearing the same drums beat the same beat again, but no one was there. And then the sound stopped.

Something is really going on here, and it's not surprising considering the LDS Prophet is coming to town soon.

I feel very kindly towards the Mormons again. It's like there has been a literal miracle worked on my brain to cause me to physically think differently.

Even when I was unhappy about the church ------- I was always 100% there was a magic there.

Mormonism is not necessarily the one and only path to heaven, but it is like a rocket ship to heaven, if you follow it properly.

Another way to describe Mormonism is "This is just so dumb it might actually work!"

I'm serious::: I think God or whoever created this religion knew well beforehand how it didn't seem very smart::: because, really, even now I know it's not the best representation of how things work, even though it has some really good teachings.

Although, if it's not the best representation, then were find a better one?

I'm actually not sure how to answer that, so technically maybe it's as best as it's gonna get. Sort of maybe.

To be honest, I think the actual truth is still hidden from most people, even Mormons. And a lot of Mormons still don't really fully know everything.

Mormonism is like a rocketship to heaven, but the church as a whole might be full of misrepresentations according to individual beliefs and perspectives.

For example::::

The Christian belief on Grace is valid.

The Mormons also use the word Grace, but the best way I can describe it is they apply a different AND ADDITIONAL definition to the word.

It is perfectly valid to be declared innocent despite your wretchedness, as a Christian might believe about grace.

But it is also perfectly valid to believe in a way of behaving yourself as best you can, and forgiving everything that goes wrong, and letting Jesus take you the rest of the way.

Both these beliefs are valid. In my understanding.

It's just two different definitions of the same word. They both apply.

That's what I'll say about that.

About never being fully able to reject sin and yet somehow being forgiven by God anyway::::

Mormons historically have had a doctrinal problem here, because they believe you have to become like God to be saved, and that means no sin ---- except sin is really hard to get rid of and always comes back.

Here's what I understand::: Especially if you did your best, Jesus will be your lawyer and give God your excuse for why you have this sin, and it might not be a real big problem.


1) Your sin is bad

2) Jesus gives you a defense for why it's acceptable (like::: it was the lesser of two evils or a necessary evil)

3) Sin is still bad, but Jesus tries to give everyone an innocent verdict as long as they accept Him, and he will make God aware of your excuse for why you behave that way.

People usually have their reasons.

But trying to behave as well as you can is looked very kindly upon.

Just trying to explain what I understand.

Not only is having an excuse that Jesus can defend you with important but also it really helps if you also forgive others constantly. This is a biblical concept. Joseph Smith believed this was so important he took it to an extreme.


I'll explain it this way:::

1) Be on your best behavior.

2) Have a good excuse for why you sin.

3) Forgive everyone so you can be forgiven.

do that, or something along the lines of that list, and you will be innocent and justified and therefore saved.

That is basically how the Mormons seem to believe it, as I've understood.

I'm not fully sure why I'm rambling on about how I understand God and Spirituality --- but it's an amazing subject to me.

If this helps, then OK.

There are things that might blow your mind about "Mormonism's actual excuses" but I won't discuss that here.

People can look at Mormonism in a very negative light ----- but in so many cases there does appear to be an excuse in one form or another. And it may take you a very long time to find out what that excuse is.

For me, it was a big revelation to just read this book about prophets and realize "oh --- so God just changed his mind. Huh." There are answers. They aren't always readily apparent, but if you seek, you will find.

As a kid, I did the best I could to be a Mormon.  As I got older, the church became more and more deniable --- and I thought I would NEVER go back ------ but as I'm getting even older, some things are becoming clearer.

I don't know the full truth about Nephites and Lamanites, all I can guess about that is the Book of Mormon tries to tell a story in order to teach some BETTER concepts about how God would operate. So:: I do NOT have a full testimony of any truth in the Book of Mormon. I just have a realization that the book teaches some very interesting good and useful concepts.

But I do have a testimony of a real magic in the LDS Church so it might be from God.

The Bible is pretty accurate, but it was actually not entirely perfect after all. Huh.

Although, as I think I said before in this blog post::: Mormonism also gets things wrong sometimes I think. It's not perfect, and I still don't believe it's the only way. It's just the rocketship way. A very fast way to get to heaven if followed properly is all it is.

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