Friday, May 11, 2018

Excitement and defeat X2

[Darnit, I started this post on my Linux Laptop --- and it crashed part way through. I'm just commenting on how unfortunate it is that twice in the past week I think when I started writing a post on my Linux Laptop that both times the laptop froze. Annoying]


So::: People who talk about the Law of Attraction talk about how you should imagine a cheque arriving in the mail instead of a bill.

I did this for a little while.

It appears to have worked. Sort of.

When the mail arrived today, there was an envelope with a clear plastic window for the address:

and this address had the words "Pay to the order of" printed above it.

Excitement for a moment.

The address looked like mine. But only until a moment of dyslexia wore off:: two of the digits were flipped, and the name did not reside in our household.

So, when the postie came back with more mail, I gave the letter to her so she could deliver it to the rightful owner.

So::: That experience alone was interesting enough. It definitely highlights how your mail just might not arrive. So I was going to write an email about it to friends.

And when I checked my email, and old addy I don't use anymore had a new message sent today in my Inbox.

It was an Interac E-Transfer for $414.00.

Really exciting to get two payments by mail and email which are completely unexpected and completely unusual.

So::: I look at the email.

The name of the person who sent me the transfer looked like a reference to my story of how I believe my grandmother's ghost sexually activated me after she died.

In my book I mention my grandmother's death --- and how I started to first masturbate directly afterward.

The name of the sender of this transfer looked like it could have been referencing that experience.

I told Interac about the message, not entirely sure if it could be trusted ---- I've seen phishing scams in other family members inboxes before, so I wanted to be careful.

Interac never got back to me so far today, but my Dad came home from a trip he went on so I decided to ask him what he thought.

My Dad did not recognize the slang term used in the name as a reference to my grandma story ---- and though the link in the email looks 100% legitimate, he concluded it was phishing.

So, curiosity got the better of me, and I clicked the link.

The link was 100% legitimate.

The only problem is, I waited so long between the sending of the email, the receiving of the email, the report to Interac and then finally clicking on the link ----- the transfer had been canceled.

The link URL looked legitimate. It did actually take me to Interac's proper website. And it didn't ask for any personal information --- so it wasn't phishing in that regard.

The only problem is that whoever decided to cancel the transfer before I clicked the link.

The other problem was that I wasn't 100% clear on who sent me the email, and what it was for.

It was sent to an old address I don't use anymore.  There are very limited choices about who would do that:

1) Someone I don't know who was given my addy as a mistake
2) The church
3) my version of the ballerina-girl
4) Avril Lavigne

Not many other people would have known to send to me at that address.

I didn't really use that email address much or for long::: it really is that limited or about that limited in the scope of who would know to contact me that way.

So yeah. Two checks. Excitement. Disappointment.

Dad said the e-transfer was phishing ---- but the link was in fact legitimate. It's just that the transfer was canceled, either because they didn't really want to send me the money - or because Interac might've canceled it when I asked them "What's this all about then?" and they never got back to me about that.

It feels like I'm getting close, kind of. Sort of.

excitement and it seems like I almost made it.

Even the name of the sender of the e-transfer looked like a historical reference in my life if interpreted.

So who knows.

Got my hopes up though.

An e-transfer sent and canceled all in one day. Huh. I was lucky I checked my email that way --- under normal circumstances I wouldn't have seen it for a while.

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