Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Creating Plans

A week or two ago I know I created an initial idea for something I could do with my life if God lets me.

Last night I developed that idea a bit more and prayed about it.

The idea is not going away.

For this idea to happen, it would be a miracle if I could even get started on it.

It's a good idea, and it will help people ----- but I am also aware from my psychology studies and the like that there are people who can turn gold into crap, so I know that if what I'm planning comes true and I fulfill it ----- even if it's all good and good intentioned and is helpful, some people might turn around and tell me I'm somehow wrong or bad for doing this.  It's not really wrong or bad, but it could be seen as wrong or bad by the wrong kind of person.

As such, I rely totally on GOD to get the project started. I'm not going to ask for donations on the project, I'm not going to look for investors::: doing it either of those ways things could easily go wrong. If my project is going to happen, I'll basically need approval straight from God with his divine help to do it.

It's a good or great idea, but humanity might not be able to handle the idea, it's TOO good. Maybe it could be viewed as being a bit narcissistic --- but it's not toxic.

In my studies of religion I've figured out some things about Jesus:::

To man, Jesus represents GOD.

To GOD, Jesus represents MAN.

So as I told God my plan and as I'm getting excited about how good it is, in my mind I could visualize God talking to Jesus asking him "Why can't YOU do stuff like that?"

(Basically, I saw a situation where God was shaming Jesus for actually doing a poor job)

And I felt sorry for Jesus at that point.

Jesus was doing good and tried to be so good, but invariably his church and his people screwed up somewhere.

And here I am, having been raised a Mormon, with my wits about me, doing the best I can, and I present a plan to God which is so good that I see in my mind God shaming Jesus that he hasn't done the same thing.

This seems a bit self-righteous and narcissistic for me to say maybe, but I was taught "do your best" --- and I just have a really good idea.

But, this idea, for certain reasons, all hinges completely on God's approval, validation, and God getting the ball rolling.

Basically, God will need to literally send me some kind of angel investor if this is going to happen. And I mean a LITERAL ANGEL investor ---- there are reasons why this might not work out so well if funded by man.

So maybe I can just forget about this for a while, and see if the money someday just magically appears in my accounts. You never know.

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