Friday, May 25, 2018

Becoming Nervous Again

Using Youtube, Gmail, and Blogger --- one thing that is clear to see is that Google takes things I talk about in anything I write and gives me related content on my Youtube feed.

In fact, the amount of information they have about me seems to be so much so in fact that sometimes it seems like they even know what I'm just THINKING and giving me related information in my Youtube feed.

Some paranoid people might have a big problem with this sort of thing:::

Personally, I think it's like the most useful thing in the world to have a topic of discussion from my real life and Google responds to me through Youtube. I have become so much more educated because of this.

The reason this is important is this:::: Youtube, just today, just started showing me videos about blogging and making money from blogging.

To me, this sounds like encouragement for me to put ads on my blog.

I am nervous about having ads on my blog.

Basically, there are so many guidelines about what a website can say while displaying Google's Ads ---- and I don't want to screw anything up, so that's why I've not been monetized all this time.

I'm not sure I'd be completely 100% capable of remembering all guidelines all the time ---- and considering how much of a "gray area" (it's kind of dark) the history of my life has been, I don't want to upset anyone with Ads or make any mistakes.

Of course, I do deliberately try to keep more sensitive information OFF my blog entirely --- but I do fear to make mistakes.

So who knows if I'll decide to think Google is telling me to implement Ads and then implement ads. I don't know. We'll see.


As for my history, and why it might be important:::: there is plenty of room for argument about what the actual truth of history is.

Maybe that's something I can discuss here on my blog.

When my friendship with someone ended, the truth of the situation was an instant casualty. Just being honest wasn't in the cards for her or her family. And that really screwed with me.

I had to really talk, and basically forcefully talk just to get people to hear the truth from my perspective on my side of the story.

SO::::::: Today Youtube Showed me a video about Avril Lavigne.

You may have heard about some kind of Avril Lavigne death conspiracy that happened --- and hear this conspiracy debunked ------- while this video I watched today said something about Avril being with Deryck since she was 17 years old ----- I have my own perspective about the history doing what I was doing. There is a bunch of misleading information out there.

I'll try to touch on these two topics here:::

1) The Avril Lavigne is already dead conspiracy.
What is my perspective on this?

When I joined Avril Lavigne's fan club in 2004, I do remember seeing a post that said Avril Lavigne was unable to move, and they wondered if she was dying.

I just said, "I think she'll be fine" (or I said something like that).

Why did I say that?

Because I was experimenting with mentalism/telepathy at long distance with Avril at that time ---- and I figured she would be fine with her supposed paralysis because on my end I had been experiencing the exact same thing. And I was just fine.

I'd lie in bed and connect with Avril ---- and to be honest, I thought very sad or even bad thoughts at her ---- so her depression in her 2nd album came as no surprise to me, a guy who had been deliberately trying to be telepathic with her.

Anyway ----- in the forum they reported she was unable to move, they wondered if she was dying --- I said she'd be alright simply because I experienced the exact same thing on my end in my experiments with her.

I would find myself unable to move for at least some periods of time in these experiences.

People have always accused me of being crazy, but hey, that's what I get when my Sisters and their friends were deliberately trying to drive me insane because, in reality, no one really gives a damn about me.

2) The Avril Lavigne was with Deryck since age 17 video story.

OK ----- when I joined Avril Lavigne's fan club in 2004, Deryck Whibley was not to be found, he was hardly mentioned if mentioned at all.  At that time, EVERYONE seemed to think that Avril Lavigne was with a guy named "EVAN TAUBENFELD".

For a long time, Deryck was never part of the picture.

People would call Deryck the Sk8er Boi when Avril finally got going with him later that year ---- but the truth is, Avril broke up with the actual Sk8er Boi in her second album Under My Skin --- that's how I see it from my perspective.

So:::: from my perspective, Deryck Whibley was NOT the actual sk8er boi, and his relationship with Avril didn't start until mid-2004.

So who knows why this video said they were together since she was 17.

Before Deryck Whibley was dubbed the Sk8er Boi, people thought Evan Taubenfeld was the Sk8er Boi.

But, on a side note, from my personal perspective, I, me, yours truly, was more or less the ACTUAL Sk8er Boi because the song actually seemed to be directly about me in the experience it tells in the story. With just some slight differences.

So:::: history seems confused or confusing, that's because some people are lying and people make mistakes and they don't want to admit, own or confess what actually happened.

The real truth is that many people I ran into in my life actually kind of disgraced themselves.

SO::::: Unless I've seen Avril's Ghost, as far as I was aware Avril did not die and was in fact just paralyzed probably due to something involving my telepathy with her. I know this because I also experienced the paralysis at that time.

That may seem like a crazy or odd story, but that is what I know or understand about it::: I was top of the class for a long time in school, and it's only been way too easy to call me crazy because my sisters were in fact deliberately trying to drive me crazy.

Anyway --- And I doubt Avril was actually with Deryck since age 17 because Deryck didn't come along until mid-2004, before that people thought she was with Evan Taubenfeld, although I also heard reports that her "actual" boyfriend was another bandmember entirely, but I don't know about that, it's just a rumor I heard.

While from my personal perspective, knowing my own life experience, and seeing telepathy truthfully demonstrated, I believed myself to be the actual sk8er boi.


So, is arguing over history something to be nervous about, especially when it seems like it's being suggested that ads should be put on my blog? We'll see. Hopefully, everything will be fine.


I decided just to ask my Magic 8 Ball if I should display an ad on my blog:::

I asked it twice to make sure:::

Both times it basically said that yes, I probably should. So, now there's an ad spot on this blog. There you go.

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