Sunday, May 27, 2018

Another Example of a Memory Problem

So: the two biggest events of the past week were seeing white lights in my dark bedroom, and memories that seemed like yesterday for so long already have become distant in my head.

The Mormons say that to forgive something - you HAVE to forget it. But they did change the definition since then. Well, they said, "forgiveness is forgetting".

There was a special LDS Mormon open house event an old friend from the church told me she was holding yesterday near the local temple.

She invited me to come.

I didn't go because I didn't want to upset my father.

But as I was at a store yesterday, I saw a girl who "reminded" me of this LDS friend who invited me to the open house.

When I went to tell my LDS Friend about that girl I saw that day ----- I realized my memory about what my LDS friend looked like wasn't at all reliable because I realized I had largely forgotten the specifics of her appearance.

I woke up this morning:::: the girl I saw yesterday? I've already largely forgotten what she looked like too, except for like a vague idea of what her hair color was.

SO:: I'm having memory problems now it seems like, which is exactly what the LDS Mormon Church would want.

Because of the outreach of my old LDS Friend at this time, I feel instantly friendly towards some idea of going back to church ---- the big thing holding me back is knowing my Dad has more recently had problems with the whole thing too, and I don't want to upset him.


On a side note, I will say my Dad my brother and I were out in our vehicle around midnight last night waiting to pick up my Mom from her work.

There was no rain. There was no thunder.

But we saw a marvelous light show in the sky. It didn't even really look totally like lightning --- what we saw could best be described as illuminations in the clouds.

I did take some video of two of the lights we saw, the video, even on an iPad Retina Display, does not do justice to what we saw last night. It's evidence of what we saw, but it was more marvelous in person than in the video.

So:::: I saw lights in my bedroom I believe it was Tuesday night, and then Saturday night there were big bright white illuminations in the clouds, without thunder nor rain.

It might have been lightning, maybe, but it didn't seem totally identifiable as lightning to me when I saw it at the time last night. It was amazing to see. It was like a light show.

So:: two light shows in one week, and I'm losing my memories, or memories are becoming distant.

This seems to be right up Mormonism's alley I think. Weird.

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