Thursday, May 31, 2018

Am I being MANIC or am I in a Mania?

So::: going back to psychology and psychiatry:::

Knowing that I could easily diagnose myself with "Schizoaffective Disorder", which is a combination of pretty much schizophrenia with bipolar,

I have to wonder if this is a real spiritual experience, or if psychology is playing a big part (which it is because I could like physically feel this change in my head).

I recently got a NEW injections nurse at my last injection. Is it possible that she might've somehow did the injection wrong and I'm having issues?


I recently started drinking ROCKSTAR Energy Drinks to help me stay awake and concentrate while playing video games and doing other things with my Day ------ there are A LOT OF B VITAMINS in these drinks. And yes, I kept myself to just one a day, if even. Maybe, once every two or three days.

So::: Maybe I'm just having some kind of chemical experience, and I'm wondering if I'm going to end up crashing some time.

This is just me being the "think like a regular person" type of thinker at this point. A doctor takes a totally different view of the way I've been thinking I'm sure.


So, I bought a DONUT today.

The balance remaining on my Timmie's Card was $16.66.

I'm wondering if this is some kind of answer from God telling me "no, I'm not funding you" --- for example, such a project would be for saving the poor, while 666 indicates people who cannot be saved or something. I don't know, maybe I'm just guessing. Depends on how you read the entrails.

So, I've felt totally good and excited about this idea.

But I totally understand if for some reason I'm not selected to carry out this task.

I can live at home with my parents and survive.

I guess helping the homeless this way is just now me expressing what I WOULD HAVE DONE NEXT if people had actually paid me for my book or my games.

if I had made my money, I could have done some more good in the world.

So::: who knows if the appearance of 666 is an indication that society is screwed when they won't pay for things.

And finally, I will just mention that as I was out shopping today (like, I bought some new bedsheets because my old sheets were getting ripped) I could eventually feel, like empathically, some bad feelings or even seriously angry feelings as if I was sensing that someone else out there was seriously pissed off.

So::: like I said, sometimes Gold can be turned to crap.

Who knows.

Am I writing on my blog to much lately?  So much has been happening, it's all very interesting, and I felt like writing about it.

So::: Am I being manic with hallucinations? Or am I seriously experiencing angels with really good feelings?

There's two different ways at least to look at it.

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