Monday, April 23, 2018

What Should I Trust?

Just moments ago I was in bed asking my Magic 8 Ball "Does Dad have my money from OUYA" (Outlook Good).

I asked two or three times "Does Dad have my money from selling books?" (Concentrate and ask again x2-3).

My Dad must've heard me because he immediately came downstairs to ask me what I was saying, and I told him I asked my magic 8 ball the question.

he said "Give it up, there's no money from OUYA", as he exited my room.

I asked my Magic 8 Ball "Is my Dad lying about the money from OUYA" (Yes Definitely).

My Magic 8 Ball is giving me a clear indication, and not just on this occasion but also in past times I've questioned it ---- that my Dad has my money from OUYA.

The Magic 8 Ball is not changing its mind. It's consistently answering this way over a long period of time.

My Dad, however, is in complete denial --- but he's also completely secretive about his finances.

Before, years ago when I know my Dad wasn't "rich" ---- it would be pretty easy to find out how he's doing financially. These days he's absolutely secretive, and in denial that he was paid my money.

But I do know that he has two debit cards - for whatever that's worth.

Thing is::::: He HAS to keep it secret if it's true, because if I find out that he has my money he will under so much more pressure to HAVE to give it to me.

The reason he would have my money was because OUYA needed a SWIFT code to send the money to, and my bank doesn't use SWIFT ---- so I was borrowing my Dad's bank account for that purpose.

The reason this is important now is this::::

Last night I watched a video that explained how much American programmers earn.

I've already learned that the average Albertan video game developer earns $70,000.

But the bottom 10% of American programmers earn more than the Average American --- and the Average American household makes $50,000.

Somehow, I ended up in a very small minority that didn't make any money at all ------ unless, of course, my Dad took my payment and is playing "keep away".

Would my Dad do that?

This is what I know about my father:::: He likes WESTERN movies ---- and he really enjoyed the MAVERICK movie ----- a movie where the father steals a lot of money from the son.

He might just be a bit playful with me about this -- like in that movie.

Historically, including the denial, my Dad also has a habit of telling me I'm crazy or insane when I suspect he has my money.

Either I earned next to nothing, or he has my money.

If I earned nothing, then I am in a very small minority that's not allowed to earn money, it seems.

Who knows, maybe it's been decided that I am a very questionable individual and I shouldn't be allowed to earn my own income.

Maybe it's been decided that I HAVE to live on disability benefits regardless of how I earn from programming or how I was friend-shipped by Avril Lavigne.

I've tried to be a good person most of my life ------ but things must've gone so wrong in my life that maybe I'm just not allowed to be rich.

Or maybe my Dad is just in complete denial. Who knows.

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