Sunday, April 29, 2018

The Power of Words

Today my Dad handed me the phone so I could talk to my Grandmother for her 69th Wedding Anniversary.

As I spoke to my grandmother, I felt an example of how words have power and how what people think about you influences who you are.

My grandmother told me she and grandpa have not much to do except eat three meals a day and watch sports.

I asked, "Football?
"must've been hockey then -0 third time's the charm"
"Oops, someone is at the door"

Anyway, after talking to my grandmother I actually noticed that my brain function stopped working and I was, for a moment, back in a state of handicap. After she was gone, my brain was back to recovery.

My Grandmother knows me to be ill, she expects me to be ill, so for some reason as I spoke to her, my brain function was in fact diminished.

There are other ways I know about the magic factor in how words make you who you are.

I've been trying to explain to my Dad that all the names my younger sister called my brother and I as kids caused him and me to become what she told us we were. This is The Law of Attraction at work.

And though I can scripturally prove from the Bible that this is how the universe works, my Dad, again, can't let my sister be blamed and just uses the excuse "oh she was just teasing".

It's weird how when my sister does bad things she has to be forgiven, can't be blamed, and she's just teasing,

while if I misbehave I find instant condemnation. Again, a double standard, where the females are somehow more precious than the males.

Anyway:::: maybe a big reason I notice how words have power is because the LDS Patriarch told me I would witness and perform miracles.

By believing you can work miracles, that is when you notice you'd better watch what you say because what you say might just come true.

Be careful what you wish for is what the assistant principal at elementary school taught us.

Anyway ---- another example of words affecting my brain::::

Years ago I noticed that when I submitted to my religion and called myself a "Mormon" I could physically feel my brain get dumber.

It isn't a hard stretch to think the name "Mormon" and "Moroni" might be derived from the word "Moron" But this was verified to me when I actually physically felt my brain dumb-down when I called myself a "Mormon"

That was long ago, the beginning of the end of the LDS church in my life.

Also::: I've also noticed that my brain actually suddenly becomes broken when people call me "schizophrenic".  This is legitimately what I feel, my brain actually proceeds to get more broken just from being called a word.

And I'm sure all the names my sister called me as a kid had the same effect of trying to dumb-down my brain.

Because I actually magically and physically feel the dumbing down effects of negative language,

that's why I started daily repeating the phrase "Happy healthy wealthy righteous loving peaceful intelligent good sanity humble positive lucky" ----- by saying these words they become my reality.

My childhood was steeped in negativity so I grew up to be a messed up person, regardless of how much I was previously a top of the class student.  Too much bullshit and now my brain is broken.

So, I try to say happy and good things now, to create a happy and good life.

Someone like my Dad has a real hard time believing in this concept ----- but this is 100% what I've come to realize about reality and I'm only backed up in this realization by The Secret teaching The Law of Attraction.

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