Tuesday, April 10, 2018

The Mail is tricking my brain

So, I came home from dropping off my report to the AiSH Generalist today.

Something weird happened.

I was the first to the door - I check the mail, we've got lots of mail.

After I unlock the door - I grab two packages and flyers.

My Dad is always seeming to get these little packages in the mail.

Left in the mailbox was some kind of small catalog with what looked like three envelopes.

My brother grabbed the catalog and the mail ---- but immediately I noticed that it was like the three envelopes just disappeared.

I'm pretty certain I saw three envelopes --- but boom --- they just vanished.

I have no idea.

Did I hallucinate these letters existence? Were they real but somehow magically removed?

I'm not even going to question my brother--- historically he's been pretty mentally messed up about mail issues before himself.

So yeah - there --- I thought I saw more mail in the box than what we now hold in our hands or on the kitchen table.


On a side note ----- there might be an easy explanation for why money eludes me.

It might be because GOD doesn't want me to win, or even more likely someone in my family like my MOM has a complete lack of desire to build up funding.

I think my Mom operates with what you call a "poverty mentality".

Why do I think this?

I asked my Mom if she'd pray for me to make my million.

She said "no".

My Mom on multiple occasions has been selected to participate in the "Publishers Clearing House" contests --- but she always rejects the contest and never signs up. She has a chance to live a richer life that eludes us guys, and we know it's a legitimate operation --- but she just doesn't want to be rich.

And I know GOD has every ability to make me rich, but by someone's design, I'm not allowed to be rich.

I have my ways of knowing that God can just rain down the blessings, even magically.

But so many people in my life, including in my own family, have wanted the bad things for me rather than the good.

It's just the Law of Attraction again - you get what you wish for. People at school and church and in my own family have always seemed to hope for the bad things, so I only get to have some small glimpse of the good things from time to time.

It's really up to you to choose good and right things. If you aren't asking for the good stuff, then you aren't going to get the good stuff.

And I know how magical these things really can be. Not crazy either.


So ----- if we received 3 letters today, who knows if one or two of them were cheques ---- and who knows if the "poverty mentality" made them disappear.

There you go.

(or maybe I was just hallucinating).

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