Saturday, April 14, 2018

The Logic of the Payment

My Mom disagreed that the church meant anything special by giving me exactly $7.66CAD - but she never actually read The Book of Finch either, so what would she know?

Either I amazingly predicted the future with some of my work, or the decision maker knows me from my work and took action inspired by what I said.

Either the decision maker was Jesus Christ HIMSELF - or it was one or a bunch of the top mortal leaders.

$7.66CAD is worth approximately $6USD.

Either Jesus Christ HIMSELF read ALL my books and had to be an honest boy and is paying the full $2.99 price tag royalty of about $2 per book --------

or just a handful of top leadership bought book or two and they shared their ebooks.

At a 99cent price tag the royalty fee is about $0.35 --- which means each of the top 13/15 got the Free book of finch while sharing Letters to Whomever and The Eagle's Sore somehow between them all.

I'm saying this from the perspective of knowing that Mormons are supposed to be upright and honest -- even perfect.

From my perspective at this point, it looks like ONLY JESUS CHRIST HIMSELF could have made that decision because only Jesus Christ is perfect enough to actually pay me for my work apparently, and then he somehow ordered the church to give me an Amazon gift card as payment.

Either the larger body of the church really doesn't care about me, or they just stole my books, or somehow sales just aren't being reported.

Obviously, I have a lot of reasons to be unimpressed.

Wow. The only person at church who would make certain of myself getting paid anything was Jesus Christ himself apparently.

I mean, nobody in the church is telling me they bought my books except for a family friend who helped convert us ---- and her sales were reported by the publisher.

The church isn't talking to me, they're not listening ----- so obviously at this point it's looking like the only persnn at church who could be bothered to make sure I got paid was Jesus Christ Himself.

Nobody at church is flocking to tell me they read or bought my book. They either ignored me, or they stole it, or they don't care about solving my reporting mystery.

Well ------ there  you have it::: Jesus Christ, the head-honcho of Mormonism, was the only guy in that organization who could be bothered to make sure I got paid something ----- because nobody else made it that far in talking to me ------- but I obviously must've made waves with my work considering what the church did recently.

Man ------ Apparently only Jesus could buy and read my books, even though all Mormons are supposed to be like Jesus.

My sales reports are so absolutely dismal, it definitely looks like someone was dishonest.

But I had such an impact on the church I must've inspired JC-Top-Leader, and only He, the perfect one, could be bothered to make sure I got paid for what He read.

The church membership is trying to be like Jesus, but thus far they seem to have failed horribly --- they either don't read the important text, or they aren't making sure I got paid for it -----

Because I don't get paid, but being like Jesus they would have to pay me the full ~$2 royalty for each book.

Anyway, maybe this is just speculation ------

But yeah, moral upright following the commandments is a requirement of Mormonism, and so far most of the church either doesn't care to do this, or they just ignore me.

I may feel like they are being super inviting and super nice ------- but most of the community appears to not care about my work in actuality.

This is the logic of what I can suspect based on what happened. Though Jesus may be super awesome -----  the rest of the church is supposed to be like Him, but obviously they aren't.

There you go. A logical deduction.

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