Friday, April 13, 2018

The Church Pays Up

I was checking my email, and looked specifically at the old mailbox I don't use anymore that the church sends mail to ---- I found an odd looking email that I decided to look at, and it was their payment in the form of an Amazon Gift Card,

It was even specifically a Canadian gift card. Yay.

So:: after calling Elders GONG and SOARES --- how much did the church decide to pay me?


If you read The Book of Finch, you might realize this may be a number of some level of significance.

Looks like I made waves in the church.

My Dad says, and I think I'm starting to realize, and there are good people and bad people, or good things and maybe bad things, in any religion ---- I look at "regular" Christians and I realize there are problems.

There are good things about Mormonism. Choose the Right. Trying to point out Jesus. Adding structure to life and giving us things to do - like a social playtime.

Things just went wrong in my life, most notably because people didn't even seem to be trying to do the right thing but still being part of the church anyways.

And then there are some things about The Book of Mormon and the D&C that don't totally make sense.

I'm basically ambivalent:: I can think good or bad things about the church.

They are so friendly, but so much in my life's history was so wrong. It's confusing.

"Once bitten, twice shy" is the best way I can put it.

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