Saturday, April 21, 2018

Some Confusing Details

I think my last post on this blog was something about the idea of Jesus Christ Himself using the LDS church to pay me for my books if he read them.

I realize that post may be partially or wholly delusional based on various factors.

One is:: what if Jesus actually isn't a Mormon?

I know the LDS church theology teaches some good things and some bad things. It's a mixed bag of good and bad. It's not 100% either way. I know that.

But seeing as how my last post seemed to give the church credit for having Jesus, I feel like in this post to explain a couple things from the Book of Mormon I realized don't make sense:


There is a famous quote from the Book of Mormon: "By the wicked shall the wicked be punished".

This statement is supposed to indicate that only a wicked person would inflict punishment for wrongdoing, kind of going hand in hand with D&C 64 where if you do not forgive you are automatically the worse sinner.

But there's a problem.

If only the wicked punish the wicked ------- then why does Jesus Christ destroy a bunch of cities in America for their wickedness according to the Book of Mormon?

I mean, the book has already established that only a bad person would punish another human being ----- but Jesus Christ is supposed to be perfect, so why on earth is he inflicting destruction for wickedness?

OK ---- So

According to Christianity:: if you are perfect you can cast stones. If you are imperfect, keep your condemnation to yourself.

According to Mormonism:: The imperfect people are the only people who cast stones, except for when the perfect person also casts stones.


yes ---- In Christianity you are saved from others who are just as bad as yourself, while in Mormonism you aren't saved from anyone. Weird eh?


The Book of Mormon, just looking at the chapter previews in 3rd Nephi ---- says that Jesus Christ came to America, destroyed a bunch of cities for their wickedness, and then announced the Law of Moses had been fulfilled.


What did Jesus mean by "fulfilling the law of Moses" in this case?

According to a Christian, Jesus would not have destroyed cities for their wickedness because Jesus fulfilled the law so you don't have to.

So:::: what exactly did Jesus fulfill about the law that allowed him to destroy cities for their wickedness?

I thought he was supposed to save us from sin ------- but here he just arrives and boom---- lots of people are suddenly gone. No forgiveness of sins. No mercy. Just utter destruction. Why? Jesus didn't even explain to them the new rules of how to behave before he destroyed them.

Anyway, I just don't understand how Jesus would fulfill the law and then destroy so many cities without explanation. I'm confused by this.

So, I guess some of those atheist videos have enhanced my critical thinking skills to realize these two new problems with The Book of Mormon.

Both of these realizations are relatively recent in my life. Thanks, perhaps, to somehow learning some new critical thinking ways.

So Mormons can be very nice and very good people in so many ways ------- but there are also big, glaring problems with the whole thing.


I often have so much I think about and want to talk about, but rather than having any other news for this post, I think just keeping this post on one topic will be OK or even preferable.

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