Saturday, April 7, 2018

So What Happened to the Money?

When I was growing up in High School, one thing I would have wanted to do with my life was be a video game developer.

I actually had a chance to fulfill that dream when the OUYA arrived.

Now Cortex is sunsetting, and I've wondered if I should shell out some cash and buy a Nvidia Shield so I can publish on Google Play.

But the sad truth is, from experience I know that I'm more likely to make more money and have more money just by saving in a GIC rather than by trying to actually sell a product.

So::: what happened to all the money I could have earned from writing books and selling video games?

Being on AiSH, I'm on the pretty low end of the social-economic ladder ----- but even I could afford MANY OUYA games.

I think there was a statistic from a while ago that said 70-something percent of OUYA owners never bought a single game.

And I have numbers that say thousands and thousands of copies of my books have been pirated, but there are pretty much close to zero or no sales in my book sales portals.

What on earth happened?

Is it true that there's this giant portion of society that just can't afford $3 for the life of them?

I've never had sex -- so I shouldn't be paying any woman.

I was never told that I was ever sued for anything.

Well, it baffles me, that most of the people who read my books weren't willing to honestly spend $3 and that most OUYA owners never bought a single game.

It's really mind-boggling to think that people are really that poor.

Slavery is wrong in the eyes of most people, yet most people will also not pay me for my work. Huh?

But yeah --- that's the big fact::: I'm more likely to make and have more money saving my money in a GIC than actually trying to sell a product.

It's that pathetic.

I could go on about the struggles of life and why I would happen to want or need money --- but nobody really needs that to be explained to them or complained about.

So::: does anyone know why all these people can't afford basically pocket change?

I've never had sex and I've never been told of any lawsuits.

But the LDS Church seems to have named their two new apostles closely-name related after two of my past projects ------ so if I'm that far out there, why am I still on aish?

Either all the million plus church members ignored me despite the fact their new leaders seem to be name-related to my projects,

or they didn't ignore me and something else happened.

Anyway ---- I'm basically looking at living my whole life with my parents and living in the same one house my entire lifetime at this point.

No one could afford the smallest price I set on any product.  What the heck went wrong?

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