Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Seeing things and more

If you know me, then you'd know I'm more or less a fan of Avril Lavigne.

But I'm just kind of wondering or freaked out about things I have seen over time.

Over the years, I have seen the image, duplicate, or body double multiple times at the hospital at the psychiatric clinic, and on main street Bowness Road.

An Avril Lavigne duplicate came to my at my front door and introduced me to Plan Canada.

One of my psychiatric nurses looked like Avril Lavigne -----

And just today as I was doing my business out and about, I saw at two different locations at each location a girl who looked like Avril Lavigne.

And, who knows if that time Avril friended me on Facebook was really her.

I have been absolutely tripping over the years it seems.

Is this how the law of attraction works? I think about Avril so much, so as I live my life it's like I see her in various places?

Weird eh?


So::: what are my chances of achieving success financially?

In my earlier years and school, I would have thought I was built for capitalism because I was one of the best students --- I felt like I could accomplish anything I set my mind to.

But, there were problems. Like a name-calling sister, a church that enabled those behaviors, and parents who were unwilling to believe their daughter would behave that way.

Turned out my own family wanted me to be severely mentally ill instead of being the great student I used to be when it really comes down to it.

Now that I'm "recovering" from that bad trip ---- my family still has no desire to help me achieve in any business I might try and my Mom has point-blank told me that she will NOT pray for me to make my million, meaning she does not support me in trying to do something that makes a lot of money.

I think I have had opportunities in my life ----- but at this point, it's clear these opportunities were and will continue to be completely squandered by a sister who wanted me to be handicapped and a mother who does not want me to be financially successful.

It seems unbelievable that my own family WANTS ME TO FAIL --- but that is how it's looking. My Mom hasn't changed her mind about not wanting me to make a million.

I have no idea what I'm living for if I can't be successful at any business I might try. I'm just not allowed to be successful. By my own mom.

Anyway ----- I think I've had opportunities, but my family has been completely unsupportive over all these years of my life. If you were to examine and dissect my sister's behavior as a kid:::: she didn't care I was a great top student, she wanted me to fail and end up handicapped. So weird eh?

That is literally how I am seeing my life these days. I think about trying this or that to try to achieve in life, but I just know my Mom doesn't support earning lots of money and my family is typically not going to help me in whatever I try. It's so pathetic.

Who knows ---- though I tried and did what I thought I could to be a really good boy throughout my life ----- I guess things went so wrong for me that maybe society as a whole decided that I'm not allowed to achieve much of anything greater.

As a kid I thought I'd be a total capitalist and get out there and do stuff ---- but my sister wanted me to fail, my mom doesn't want my success, my family is pretty unsupportive and maybe society doesn't even like me.

Obviously, I was dealt a pretty bad hand in life. So I guess all I can do is be thankful the GOVERNMENT helps me out. Yup --- I went from being a total potential capitalist to being on the government dole.

Obviously, there's something very wrong that must've happened in my life. Ugh.

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