Saturday, March 24, 2018

To Recap this aspect of the past months

My mind has so much information in it that I can often forget a whole aspect of a current situation, and I need to be reminded of it.

SO::: hopefully I'll be able to remember or remind myself of the following, especially when it comes time to talk to the AiSH Generalist this year.


Back about December Razer informs me they will sunset the Cortex store. For quite a while, I had been hearing thoughts telling me of my riches. I asked God when I'll finally get paid and He says "any day now".

So, Cortex gets frozen, being sunsetted. At some point, my cell phone gets a call that I am not available for from the local Chinese Consulate (Razer is a Chinese company). They never call back, and I'm just curious and even scared(introverted).

When I withdraw some money from the ABM in late February, the receipt I pick up says there's a balance of quite a bit of money in the account. But, it turns out the amount withdrawn is a different amount -- so this is not the right receipt.

Two possibilities::: there's a rich person who is not concerned with privacy or security who visited the ABM before me, or the bank printed me two receipts.

Then later that Day the Bank phones me to ask me if I received the letter they sent me. I never received it. Still haven't. They remind me of that $10,000 pre-approved Credit Card offer they made to me.

As I am considering this situation, I go to a drink vending machine and put one coin in, the full amount, and select my drink:::: the vending machine dispenses TWO drinks for me.

In March I go to Withdraw the last $20 from my account, bringing my balance down to $0.00. But, the receipt printed says I still have a balance of another $20 in my account, even though online records show my account is empty.

Then today, having been paid by AiSH, I withdraw some money from the ABM ---- and boom ---- same as last month, there's a receipt for a similar amount of money on the balance as in February.

Two months in a row now, I'm picking up a receipt that says a sizable balance for the similar amounts of money. Yes, the amount of money shown on both months' receipts is vaguely close in value to the $10,000 credit offering from the bank.

Basically:::: Either the bank is printing two receipts for me, and letting me know they have something that I don't have access to, or some rich person accesses the ABM two months in a row right before I do and always leaves the receipt and never spends their money and doesn't seem to care about the privacy or security of that much money.

So. Yeah. And in amongst all this happening the Provincial Government announces a video game tax credit and I learn Alberta's Average Game Dev earns $70,000 per year.

So. There you go. I still haven't really been paid, but something really strange has been going on.

1) Hearing voices.
2) Foreign government phones (related to the business).
3) My withdrawal at the ABM gives me a receipt with a large balance.
4) Bank phones, missing letter, big credit card offer.
5) vending machine dispenses two drinks for the price of one.
6) Withdraw from ABM --- account should be empty now but receipt says there's a bit more left ????
7) Get paid by disability, withdraw from ABM again --- again, like point 3, the receipt shows a large balance.

I mean ---- seriously?? What are the odds that this is actually happening?

What are the odds that the bank will eventually pay me?

the odds seem even smaller that this is all just some huge coincidence.

And of course, there's so much information in my head, I have to put this story here or else I'll forget it when I need it.

Maybe I did get paid. Unfortunately, there's not so much info in the OUYA Dev Portal sales reports. Ugh.

I'll also just mention I found some numbers of distribution of my Books' piracy rip-offs ----- I've lost at least $10,000CAD to piracy in that aspect already.

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