Tuesday, March 6, 2018

This is Weird - and Law of Attraction Related

The Law of Attraction teaches the concept that if you think about something, it will or could appear very shortly in your life.

After writing yesterday's blog post about my sisters and their friends causing my mental illness, the name of one of the girls from church appeared in my head.

For the past long while, the only church members I've had contact with are my Mom, my Sisters, their families, and my Dad's few friends who still remain in the church.

Anyway, the girl whose name appeared in my head was younger than me, she's probably at least in her mid to late 20s now --- and her older sister was one of the few girls in my age group at church.

I have no idea why she appeared in my mind --- all I know is that the appearance of her name in my mind was followed by thoughts of - Cheese Omelets???

So, just on impulse, I asked my Dad to show me how to make Cheese Omelets ---- and I learned.

I thought the thoughts, yesterday, "My Dad and I have made a couple Cheese Omelets" --- the responding thought was "YOU BETTER NOT HAVE!!!"

It was weird.  The next day, today, I made a cheese omelet for lunch, to test my training.

Then my Mom and Dad decided to take my brother and me to the mall, so we can walk around and get exercise (which is the thing to do while the weather cold here in Canada).

As we were walking into the mall ----- guess who appeared right in front of us, and my Dad recognized this person???

The father of the girl I had heard the name of in my mind yesterday was right there, he was leaving, we were going in.

I mean ---- it was only some thoughts magically appearing of her name, cheese omelets ----- and boom, the next day her Dad is right there at the mall ------ I haven't seen him for a very long time.

The Father either works for or used to work for, the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra.

Anyway, just telling the story ----- it's weird how her name just magically shows up in my mind (and she wasn't even a close friend of my sisters) and the next day her Dad appears ---- which never happens for the past, pretty much, 10 years.

Just so strange. I'm wondering now how cheese omelets got involved.

But yeah ---- that's exactly the sort of thing The Law of Attraction says could happen. You think of someone, and then that person will suddenly show up.

Strange indeed.

I'm not even entirely sure exactly why her name appeared in my head. It just did --- and she wasn't even at that party 17 years ago that I just mentioned yesterday.

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