Saturday, March 31, 2018

They're buttering me up

So:: the church offers me a gift card (still hasn't arrived) --- they offer me work with compensation (which is really something special in the Mormon church) ---- BYUtv said I'm a VIP ------- and now look at two new apostles who were called.

Is my life like a video game or something?

Elder Gong and Elder Soares.

When I wrote my Bananatree games, I had no idea the idea I had for the games could be directly related to a part of supposed Mormon history called "The Sealed Portion of the Book of Mormon".

I still haven't read the whole sealed portion --- but from the small part I have read, wow, I must've been really inspired or something.

SO::: here we have it:::  I wrote the book "The Eagle's Sore" and a game called "Pfhonge" ---- and though these are obviously only lightly relatable to the church ----- somehow they resembled the names of future apostles in the church.

Well, obviously I am feeling a lot friendlier to the church now. Almost wondering how I'd go back ---

I know that my coffee and tea drinking may be a bit off for their tastes however.

At least now I'm more educated::: the church has many problems --- but something is still real about them anyways.

I've been reading in this Easter-season magazine about how the books of the New Testament had every opportunity to not be authentic in the great big time span that occurred between when they were written and when Jesus actually walked the earth.

That is, in fact, a point in the Mormon church's favor.

Only problem is getting the church to figure out and find and teach the actual truth rather than just more nonsense.

I didn't watch much Conference today ---- during the first part of the first session my brain said "This is boring!" and I turned it off. I turned it back on some minutes later though, so I can say my favoirte talk was by the guy who was talking about "countless second chances".

He was basically explaining the requirement to forgive ---- God wants us to have countless second chances so we can continue to improve ourselves until we're finally "perfect".

The one thing I want to say::: D&C 64 screws up because it requires forgiveness of everything::::: the original Jesus doctrine where you get rebuked for mistakes makes more sense.

You need some clarity and direction on how to behave properly so you can be able to improve ---- without the rebuking, nothing changes.

yes --- The requirement to forgive must mean "countless second chances so you can improve" ---- but you will only achieve improvement if you know what's wrong, so therefore rebuking is necessary.

That sounds like a clarification of doctrine.

Unfortunately, like I said in a recent post, all my childhood I was told everything had to be forgiven and no rebuking seemed to be allowed.

Rebuking is actually a necessary part of the process -- as per Luke 17.

I'm so glad this church leader could clear that up.

Without the rebuking, improvement is a lot less likely.

So, yes, in my younger years I wasn't full of knowledge and I didn't know everything --- so in a sense this clarification of doctrine has better explained how the process works.

D&C 64 only illustrates ONE PART of this doctrine. Luke 17 makes more sense in explaining it in total.

So, yeah.

OK ---- obviously I'm feeling a lot better about the church now. Mormons can be really really nice people.

I don't know if I'll ever fully be Mormon again, but just the niceness of the past week has indeed made me feel welcome back.

If I were to go back, the two biggest concerns are readjusting back into that lifestyle, and how they might interpret my drinking of tea and coffee or any sin I might commit.

There are just so many problems in the church --- including people who aren't even really trying to actually do the right thing. That's how I see it.

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