Tuesday, March 13, 2018

The Power of saying "Sorry"

So either my troubled sister reads my blog, or one of the personal messages I sent her brother-in-law or our other sister I sent about our troubled childhood may have came to the attention of my troubled sister ---- because I talked to her today and.....

Turns out she was actually ashamed of the problems she was having as a kid.

I can already feel the healing power of those words ---- admission of knowing how wrong things were ---- that is actually a good thing to do.

The big reason I say this is for a long time I was just really frustrated by my sister --- the behavior went on and on for a long time ---- and I would basically be some form of embittered about her.

But now that she's finally told me that she was ashamed of herself, I am actually feeling better with what basically amounts to an apology.

Some might say an apology is just words, but it does actually have an impact on how my soul feels about the situation. I go from embittered to knowing that she wants to get better.

And that's good.

And then we talked about focusing on good and healthy things.

So:::: A little while ago, probably about the time I was concerned about mail not arriving like it should ---- I noticed my Mom received a letter from People.  The return address was just "People" --- with a star there.

It was a bit odd because my Mom has pretty much had little to no involvement with that magazine all the days I've been alive.

People magazine was never a big deal for us ---- we'd basically see it at the stores, but never really thought about it.

But they wrote to my Mom.

And then today, I discovered my Mom had a copy of a recent People magazine.

So, I asked her what the letter was about ------ she wouldn't tell me.

And she also said the magazine doesn't really interest her that much.

So ---- yes ---- my Mom receives a letter from People magazine, never really was interested, still isn't much interested -------- and happens to buy a copy of the publication.

Just. yeah. They sent her a letter.


But hey ----- who knows what's going on ----- a year or two or three ago I know my Mom received a letter that tacitly asked her for a $100,000 donation to their charity on the cover of the envelope.

Yes --- that is also odd ----- if we actually had that kind of money, I mean, wow. So who knows what's actually going on. But that charity letter was years ago.

And today my bank account is empty ---- never seen thousands of dollars, but am aware of a decent amount of distribution of ripoffs.

yeah. Just odd mail.

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