Sunday, March 4, 2018

The Law of Attraction and my Insanity

So:::: if the Law of Attraction is a universal constant, and my LDS Patriarchal blessing said that I would have an especially blessed mind::: then why did I go insane?

Less than a month after receiving my LDS/Mormon patriarchal blessing, which states that I would perform miracles, have an especially blessed mind, and hear the voice of the holy ghost ------

less than a month after receiving that blessing, my sisters had their friends over at our house for a party. (a party for the girls).

At this party, my sisters and their friends declared their intention of driving me insane. They deliberately intended and declared this intention, for me to suffer from severe mental illness. They yelled this annoying chant at me repeatedly, I can't remember exactly what it was --- but it was meant to cause mental illness in me.

So, just a few months later, school began again, and BOOM --- yeah, apparently I went crazy.

My sisters obviously didn't care that I was a very good student. They wanted me to be mentally ill.

I was supposed to be a servant to the Lord all my Days ----- and if my family is asking for me to be mentally ill ------

The Law of Attraction basically says "you get what you ask for".

It was actually my Sisters and their Friends who wanted me to be mentally ill. You get what you ask for. You made your bed, now lie in it.

Previously I was one of the best students at school. I was so good at math, the previous school year I had been asked to participate in a special math activity only for the top students.

But my sisters obviously just didn't care that I was really smart and a good student ----- they thought me being severely mentally ill would be more appropriate.

It's too bad ---- but that's just how things went.

You get what you ask for. My sisters wanted me to be ill.  It's stupid --- but that's what happened.

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