Thursday, March 1, 2018

The Clues

There are so many clues.

Last year the bank offered me a $15,000 RSP Loan ---- this would be unreasonable unless I had a very big income.

The bank offered me a mortgage of at least $250,000 ---- being on AiSH, this is also not reasonable.

This year the bank pre-approved me for a $10,000 credit card.

How is this possible for a guy who only makes $19k from disability each year?

I did try working ---- but evidence suggests that mail has gone missing over time, and no big cheques have arrived but that doesn't mean any weren't sent.

Maybe it's only understandable that mail would get lost ----- it's unfortunate, but my Dad, for at least the past 2 years now, seems to get at least one or two packages per day in the mail. He's always ordering stuff ---- and it keeps on coming every day -----

which is weird because he doesn't have much income and basically lives by mooching off me, my brother and my mom.

He denies that he has money that I earned.

Why would the banks offer this debt-load to me when my income is so modest? Is there something I'm not fully aware of?

The truth is, there really may be more than meets the eye here.

For example::

Last week I made a withdrawal at the ABM.

Either the person who was at the ABM before me didn't bother with their receipt, or the bank printed me two receipts.

Consider these three options for this receipt:

1) Someone just made a cash advance on their credit card and has a lot of debt. I would just question why someone, especially with that much debt, would make an expensive cash advance.

2) Someone has a big balance, but they were careless with their privacy and for some reason keep a lot of money in their chequing account.   Not exactly secure or smart accounting here.

3) What if the bank printed me two receipts, and this first receipt I picked up actually gave me some hint of a rumored yet hidden RDSP? What if the money I earned from my publications is being stashed in an RDSP --- and the bank only just now printed me a receipt to show me the wealth in store?

Fact is::: the balance on that receipt was pretty big, so either it's something along the lines of being my RDSP ----- or someone else has a tonne of debt or is careless about the security of their funds.

The major reason I can suspect it was "my RDSP" was because the amount of withdrawal listed on the receipt was the same amount that I had my maximum withdrawal limit set to at an old bank I used to bank at but not anymore.

The banks offer all kinds of debt ---- and my income is only modest. It doesn't quite add up or make sense.

But then you can consider how it seems some mail goes missing.

And how my Dad is always receiving packages daily despite living off pure mooching ---

And how the bank might've actually shown me a "secret" account by printing for me two receipts when I was at the ABM last week ------- the only other explanation for that receipt is someone else is very careless with their finances.

It's just weird. Sales reports don't say much ---- yet the banks seem to think I'm rich and my moocher Dad always has packages arriving.

Hopefully, this will make sense someday.

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