Saturday, March 10, 2018

Looking at my history with a new modern interpretation

One of the stories I left out of The Book of Finch was how one day in probably late 2000 or early 2001 while Annie was still my friend --- My mom got all completely evil about how I was playing a video game on Sunday.

Apparently, church leaders had instructed her to become EXTREMELY angry at doing such things.

Just playing a game. On Sunday. completely wrong.

So, that just told me "Well, I doubt I'm going to get my mother the greater condemnation for being evil-levels of angry"

So, combined with how my mom was so pissed off and it was totally legitimate, I combined that with the Bible Scripture that says "If a man is angry with his brother without reason he shall be in danger of the judgment".

I combined my Mom's exampled anger with how you need a reason and BOOM ----

I told my friend Annie about this interpretation of Christianity where you can be angry, just as long as there was a reason for it.

So, for no reason explained at all, eventually, Annie's parents got all angry at me and said we weren't allowed to be friends anymore.

So::: My mom had a reason to be angry. I thought this was supposed to be allowed.

Then::: Annie's Mom and had got all pissed off but there was NO EXPLANATION why.

I thought her parents should be excommunicated for this, but when the bishop came back to me he said that the government of the church did not agree that they should be punished.

Fast forward to 2018 and now the new definition of forgiveness is just "DO NOT BLAME".

So, now, under the exact wording of the definition on ---- there is no restriction on anger or punishment when you forgive. There is no mention of anger or punishment in the definition.

The key teaching Jesus supposedly taught was just to never BLAME anyone for anything.

So though Annie's parents were pissed off as hell at me, there never was any reason why mentioned, they never blamed me for anything. Forgiveness now has nothing to do with Anger or Punishment----

So under the new Mormon definition of Forgiveness, Annie Liability's parents technically forgave me.

Rather than "If you are angry with your brother without reason you are in danger of the judgment"

rather than that, the real scripture was apparently supposed to be: "You can be pissed off and angry as hell at your brother AS LONG AS THERE IS NO REASON FOR IT".

Yeah, Mormonism.

The actual truth was apparently the exact opposite of what the Bible said. Wonderful.

Now nothing makes sense.

But yeah --- if that's the definition of Forgiveness in this church, then really there's nothing to condemn Annie's parents about and the Bible and previous definitions of "Forgive" were completely misleading.

I know the real definition of "forgive" is to pardon or excuse an offense or crime from punishment, while the victim does not feel angry,

but Mormons will be Mormons, so they believe as long as you don't blame anyone for anything, you are good.

So there you go. By 2018 there was a new definition of forgiveness, a new way to know how the bible is wrong, and the Church leaders were "legit" in how they wouldn't pass judgment against unreasoning anger.

There you go.

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