Wednesday, March 21, 2018

ID'd or Mis-ID'd?

Today I talked to my psychiatrist. I told her about Matthew 10:8 --- "Freely ye have received, give freely".

That didn't sound like a plan to her. The idea is I should work for money.

And the injections nurse got excited about my Youtube channel after I told him about how much I would have made if the people who ripped me off had honestly paid me.


I was eating at the food court in a mall today.

As I was eating I noticed the guy the table over from me ---- he looked like "Black Jesus" from 2002.

He had an iPhone and a bag and was just kind of sitting there.

I realized how closely similar he looked to the guy I met by the train bridge in 2002 --- "is this God?" I am wondering to myself.

Then another guy came to his table.

At this point, I could easily be "fooled" by the darkness of their skin and hair, and think they were just a couple of Syrian refugees...

Except ----- the haircut of the new guy at the table resembled the haircut from the angel in 2004.

He had dark skin and black hair this time ----- but the hairstyle was familiar to an angel I had seen before.

So, either I saw a couple Syrian-refugee-body-doubles, or else Black Jesus and his angel were actually just the table over from me while I was eating in the food court at a mall.

LDS General Conference is this weekend, and tomorrow is Budget Day here in Alberta.

And with my fame, there's something to feel good about at the psychiatric office.

I'm recovering from mental illness::::: so who knows how real or delusional I am about my God or Jesus sightings.

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