Wednesday, March 28, 2018

I wonder if this will drive me mad

I'm having so many repetitious thoughts on this topic, I wonder if I'm going mad with new information.

I feel such a need to talk about it, so please bear with me while I use my blog to explain the thoughts I've had.

SO:::: in this little episode between late February and late March ---

I've had TWO receipts from the ABM that show a bank balance worth a quite a bit more than I've ever owned in my life. Both these receipts showed similar sized numbers in the balance line.

So::: I talked about that to the bank.

I'm pretty sure all the bank has to do is check their records to see if 2 times the guy in sequence in front of me at the ABM had that kind of balance in HIS/HER account.

If the numbers match --- then there's much less to be worried about ---- it's just someone who keeps a large balance in their chequing who isn't concerned about their privacy is all.

Which is abnormal in today's world because Youtube and new websites have reported that Canadians are often in deep deep debt --- so the chances of this actually being this way don't seem realistic.

So:::: If the guy ahead of me in sequence did not keep that kind of money in HIS?HER account ---- then we have an issue.

What if the bank printed 2 receipts for me?

The first time I saw the big number on the receipt in late February, that was startling enough on it's own --- so much so I wrote at least 2 or 3 emails on the topic to my family and psychiatric community.

As I wondered if the bank had printed me 2 receipts just that first time, I bought a drink from a vending machine, and two drinks came out.

Yup --- one coin (full price) --- two drinks dispensed.  During the period of time when I'm wondering if the bank printed me two receipts on that first occasion.

And this issue became reportable in my mind when I went in late March to the machine, and I got the similar number again.

Those kinds of numbers being printed once is something but it's forgettable --- but when it happens twice, I really have to wonder.

And, of course ------ even if the guy in line ahead of me both times did have that kind of balance ---- that still doesn't explain why my 2nd receipt in this sequence of 3 receipts stated I actually DID have more balance than I actually have listed online.

SO:::: 3 receipts like this is startling enough for me to inform the bank.

Two of those receipts might be easily explained, but if not -- then there's an issue.

And the last receipt is an issue automatically because 20 does not equal 0.

You can see why I'm suspicious right?

And of course --- there's another reason to be suspicions ----- In late February one of the banks in question phoned and asked me if I received a letter from them ------- I still have never received this letter.

This is an issue. Especially as my Dad and I have noticed some of our mail never arrive before in the past 2 years.

Weird ABM, Weird vending machine, missing mail and an expectation on my mind that God told me my money would be paid "any day now" back a couple months earlier.

I will also note that after the initial response from the bank on Twitter on this issue, they responded again to me saying something like "This can't be right!..."

So::::: they did tell me something of a clue that basically says something went wrong.

So yeah. Now this issue has invaded my brain, repeating endlessly ------ and I just feel a need to talk about it, much like I've felt a need to talk about other different issues in the past.

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