Monday, March 12, 2018

How to bit a bit more like God

You know how your bishop will constantly tell you D&C 64: "You are required to forgive all men"?

But then they tell you God needs you to REPENT BEFORE you get forgiven by God?

Mormons = required to forgive everything.

God = repent before he forgives you.

This might seem strange, but the method God uses is the same method described in Luke 17. Jesus lays out a process:::

"If a man offend you, rebuke him, and if he repents, then forgive him".

D&C 64:

"You are are required to forgive all men".

Obvoiusly, these are two different ways of doing things.

So, if you were actually like God, you would put D&C 64 aside. Don't even pay attention to D&C 64 if you are actually like God.

The problem is:::::: Your LDS Bishop will ALWAYS bring up D&C 64 if you have a complaint.

Or at least, any time I thought I could take someone to law over something, the church was always telling me I was required to forgive.

Problem is:::: They make this threat that if I don't forgive then I am always the worst person.


What exactly did I do so wrong anyway?

They always threaten me with the greater condemnation ---- but I've never really understood what I did to deserve that.

The biggest sin is to not forgive itself is all I understood.

So, to be like God::: You would just follow Luke 17 like any sane Christian would.

D&C 64 is used to guilt trip and abuse young mormon men by telling them they'll never get any justice and that they are always the worst person no matter how bad the crime in question was.

I always wanted to follow Luke 17 ----- but my LDS Mormon Bishop would never let me, always citing some greater condemantion that they never specify exactly what I did wrong beside the lack of forgiveness itself.


Follow Luke 17. Rebuke offences. If they repent, then forgive them. Decent philosophy.

D&C 64 is just for the abuse and guilt trip. There is no justice with this scripture.

Luke 17::: The offender will likely start to behave themselves.

D&C 64::: Nothing compels the offender to behave, you get no justice, and you are always the worse person.

Luke 17::: God's way

D&C 64::: What Mormons tell you to do even if you achieve some level of godliness in your life.

Anyway. yeah, I thought this topic required it's own new post.

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