Saturday, March 17, 2018

Getting De-Hypnotized

So, the Mormon Bishops and Stake Presidents basically hammered this idea into my head that said: "You are required to forgive everyone".

In reality, I found in actual practice the church actually doesn't forgive on many, many occasions.

They require forgiveness, but they don't actually forgive.

So, there was a problem.

Anyway, yesterday I just had what felt like a very therapeutic session discussing this problem and how to get de-hypnotized yesterday with my Dad and Brother.

I really have to thank my brother for being there::: because my Dad will go off on tangents and will flip sides and doesn't keep the discussion objective.

Like, my brother pointed out that my Dad was "flipping sides".

That's because one moment my Dad was advocating that Jesus said "forgive 7 times 70" and the next moment my Dad was saying "You have to call the police".

So Dad::: which is it, am I forgiving 7 times 70 or am I calling the police?

My Dad just seems to have an issue where he can't keep the discussion objective, which is highly apparent when one minute he's advocating one viewpoint, but the next he advocates the opposite.

It's kind of difficult.

When I did a Google Search for "What is forgiveness?" I was pleasantly surprised to find out that most people do NOT require forgiveness in all circumstances.

The Mormon Church required forgiveness of everything,

While with sane person logic, forgiveness is actually supposed to be entirely voluntary and your own choice or decision.

So, I'm basically trying to get de-hypnotized from thinking that I always have to forgive everything.

And then I have to start thinking and deciding for myself what I will forgive and what I will not.

So yeah: there you go: The church always said they always required forgiveness, but in actual practice, they weren't really ever forgiving.

And it's actually scary to think that to actually be like Jesus, then you would be destroying people for their wickedness::::: which means the church changed the definition of forgiveness so that word basically doesn't really actually mean anything useful at all.

There's one sad thing though::::

I try to say good and happy things so that life will be good and happy. It's the law of attraction.

This morning I was sitting next to my Mom at the breakfast table and I said, "Life's good".

She responded, grumpily, "No, life's not good".

So, something is wrong. Hopefully, I can keep myself in a good position, and maybe even help lift her out of whatever is bothering her.

Now, finally, I will just say that the philosophy of NOT FORGIVING people is designed to instill repentance in the population so that people will actually try to do good things and will be disciplined to do things the right way, or generally just to be well behaved.

Always forgiving everything does not encourage good behavior.

By not always forgiving, there is discipline and people will feel more encouraged to behave in a righteous manner.

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