Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Getting closer to an answer? here are some clues

So:: the bank called back.

I was not available - not near my phone.

I saw the number, and looked it up on Google.

What strange and interesting information did I find?

The bank in question itself had no listing under the number.

BUT::: the search result did come up with

St. Albert Alberta ---- and something about mental health. ----- that was the first response.

and a different bank with Business Credit Life Insurance --------- that was the second important response.

These answers are important.

Guess what is important about St. Albert Alberta? ----- That's where the Lottery is headquartered here in Alberta. If you win a big prize, you either have to mail your ticket or personally visit their office - from what I understand from my research.

OK ------ So as I was writing the above paragraph, the bank returned my call.

Their answer is that the ABMs are not designed to actually print your actual balance on the receipt.

I probably should have asked more questions, seeing as how that does now seem like a really dumb answer --- but hey -- that's what I got.

Basically ---- I am so socially timid that I couldn't help but just accept what the banker told me.

That answer is not totally the best explanation ---- but hey ---- that's what it is::::

The bank machine is actually not designed to show your actual balance on the "Total" line.

So yeah:::

that's it I guess.

The phone number is related to St Albert -- lottery capital of Alberta --- and another bank's business insurance ---------

But that's the answer the bank gave me::: Soctiabank's ABMs are actually not designed to print your actual balance on the receipt.

Actually a very weak response, but I was too timid socially to question further.

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