Thursday, March 22, 2018

Big news

Last night Youtube decided to show me some videos about how dangerous psychiatric drugs are and what the better alternative treatments are.

Today as I talked to my Dad about it, I'll note that I get really annoyed with his lack of what I call "objectivity".

I can become pretty agitated when talking to my Dad --- and I'll show you how the structure of the discussion is so you can see what the problem is:

1) I start talking with my Dad about a topic.
2) My Dad asks me a question related to this topic
3) I answer his question
4) Then he says "so why are we discussing this?"
5) at this point I just get annoyed, we were discussing that answer because he asked me about it.

So: yeah. If you ever wonder why my Dad might say I get angry at him::: the above is the perfect example.

He asks me a question, I answer it, and then he's wondering what about or why we're even talking.

It has been basically this impossible to discuss issues with him ever since the problems started in 2001.

Before today's example, my brother pointed out his lack of objectivity revolved around "changing sides" in his discussion----

one minute he was telling me to forgive 70 times 7, and the next minute it's about calling the police---

Dad ----- please don't waffle or change sides in the discussion --- keep it objective.

So yeah, I've found a youtube channel that explains the truth about psychiatry. I would believe this --- this is what I initially suspected all along, and it makes perfect sense to me.

I've been lied to for years.

You know that 7 point list I made earlier about why I would be mentally unstable?

In order to explain the actual problems of that time to my Dad, I had to write the list down for him to look at ------

at which point my memory started working a bit better, and now I have SIXTEEN (16) points of nonsense and incoherency in my life back then that would have driven me insane.

Quite a few of those points are actually directly LDS Church related.


In other news, Alberta Budget 2018 was released today.

The most meaningful thing to me in this budget is maybe the new tax incentive for video game developers.

But that's just a big maybe:::: I've never actually made money on video games as far as I've been told and who knows if I'll stay in the business.

I learned that the average video game developer in Alberta makes $70,000 per year ------ and somehow there's no or zero numbers showing up for me.


So yeah, it's just interesting that Google has pointed out the actual truth about psychiatry to me.

I was on this line of thought from the very beginning.

Nobody cared to let me have my freedom or let me think for myself - and I was lied to.


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  1. I wouldn't use YouTube as a good guide for determining which medication is right for you or any potential hazards they may have. They're almost all make-believe.