Thursday, February 1, 2018

My Reasoning

It would really make my day if everyone just suddenly decided to be honest and actually pay me for my books.

But, I also decided that when people steal from me or whatever, that I would rather claim forgiveness points from Jesus rather than condemning and seeking after the root of all evil (money).

Mostly, I fail to prosecute people stealing from me because I want to exemplify what forgiveness actually is.

I do this because having grown up in LDS Mormonism, I don't think the church of my childhood had any idea what "forgive" actually means. "Forgive" and "forgiveness" are not even defined in the LDS Bible Dictionary!

And I forgive the people who steal from me, trying to exemplify the true meaning of the word, because the LDS Church would always require forgiveness of everyone for everything.

But here's the point of breaking away:


All my life growing up I was always told to forgive everyone of everything as per D&C 64. I tried to obey that rule.

I believe that was a mistake.

Some behaviors are SO WRONG that they SHOULD BE DEALT WITH.

Sometimes people just do things that are so wrong that it is actually a detriment to just turn a blind eye to their actions.

I do actually believe in punishing people for serious offenses.

The Mormons would always demand "forgiveness" of everything, but I learned they don't even know what that word means and their doctrine on the topic doesn't totally make sense either.

I fail to prosecute people who steal from me because I want to exemplify the true meaning of the word, as well as collect forgiveness points from Jesus.

But in all honesty, having grown up with quite a few problems in my community::: I actually DO NOT BELIEVE that EVERYTHING is required to be forgiven.

There were good things about the LDS Church, but often enough, in the end, it just becomes lunacy.

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