Sunday, February 4, 2018

Life is so much - reality is strange.

I can completely understand why someone with a non-magical background would or might think me to be schizophrenic:::: cuz basically my experiences can be so strange, it doesn't logically make sense in a non-magical reality.

Sometimes I wonder if I'm already dead, and I've gone to a sort of heaven.

In my last post, I talk about forgiveness.

Today when I was at the mall, I don't know how this happened but as I was walking in the mall suddenly there were two men in front of me, walking with their backs facing me, and they had very religious Christian messages printed on their shirts ----- the two men sounded like they were "latin" or "latinos".

But that was just kind of strange, because you usually never see people like that here, and they only appeared right after a religiously based kind of blog post I made.

The reason I learned about and donate to Plan Canada is this:::: I initially learned about Plan Canada from a visit to my front door ----- From Avril Lavigne or her body double.

Yes --- it's that strange, but I donate to Plan Canada and first learned about them because of an "Avril" who visited me once long ago.

And now the nurse who is engaged in my treatment at the psychiatric hospital is ALSO an Avril Lavigne body double.

And it gets weirder with Ghosts, Angels, and Jesus who I have also seen over the years.

To an atheist::: I am completely out of my mind.

But there are certain realities which I experience which are too magical and real for me to consider "just brain dysfunction".

Either there is some Godly or magical truth about reality --- Or we somehow live in "a computer simulation". That's how weird reality seems.

And then, with all my "fame" ---- there's all the social contact I receive from people which all seems like too much for an introvert like me to handle.

I get all these emails from supposedly interested women.

I get all these emails from this Japanese person who wanted to buy and own me for lots of money --- but there are so many emails and Apple doesn't have an easy translation method like Google would have ------

I got that phone call from the French people that my Dad didn't give me because I don't speak French ----

We get all these scam phone calls, so we're often just screening calls and even end up blocking numbers ------

I have lots of memories of all kinds of great memories throughout my mind, and just remembering these things are a journey in themselves --- much less keeping up to date with the current world-----

And today, while playing Battlefront II on my PS4 ----- the end game stats said I only made 1 (one) kill in an entire battle. I'm scratching my head about that wondering "really?" ---- but my memory is good enough to know that my one kill actually saved the day for my team and we won the battle handily ---- because my one kill protected a defense point which we held until the end of the battle, winning the game.

Like:::: in the past several battles I played, I'm always ranked LAST on the team for some reason.

And for no reason moments ago, as I was writing this blog post, boxes outside my room just knocked themselves over, with no one touching them or going near them.

I could say more about my experiences, but I think I've said enough for now.

Reality is too strange.

All the social contact can feel like too much to handle.

And I'm having way too much fun just with memories and wondering why my stats are consistently so bad in this video game even though I basically saved the day for my team.

and I should mention that though the LDS church is so questionable in so many ways, it seems so wrong ---- my memories indicate that they were the beginning of the magic in my life.

It's just weird how an organization that seems so wrong could have been, basically, the source of my magic in life. So weird.

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