Tuesday, February 27, 2018

It's as if this might be expected

Yesterday I received my monthly AiSH Health Benefits Card in the mail.

Along with the health benefits card, as there always is, there was a message from AiSH. This one said something a bit different than normal.

Here's a quotation:

"... a T5007 Statement of benefit slip was mailed to you starting in mid-February ... If you don't receive your T5007 ... please call ..."

In this message from AiSH, it definitely seems like they might be expecting that mail will go missing. Maybe it's actually a more normal or more common occurrence for mail to just not arrive.

I did get my T5007 the same day this message arrived ---- but it's just interesting to note how it looks like the AiSH office was expecting that the form in the mail might go missing. I feel validated in my complaint that the bank sent me a letter that never arrived --- and who knows if I was ever sent a cheque that never arrived.

I don't feel angry, I just feel resigned to realizing that getting paid for work is VERY difficult ---- and personally I feel inclined to just give up ------ but when I mentioned my inclination to give up, my Dad tried to tell me that I should find something else or something different to do --- he is encouraging me to work, to not just give up.

But I really do feel like I could give up --- at least for a while.


This morning, as I was having my morning coffee, my mind was bothered by thoughts of the church again.

TWO main things bothered my mind: 1) of course that same old forgiveness issue, but also

2) I had a Mormon friend who didn't seem to actually believe in Ghosts or Angels --- and yet she was also seemingly immune to excommunication. It's weird --- this is a church that will excommunicate people for apostasy at the drop of a hat, but this old friend expressed a lack of belief in a core church belief ---- and yet she was immune to excommunication.

While I'm always punished for anything big or small in a church that says they always forgive.

Yes --- it just doesn't make sense, it wrecks my mind trying to think about it or understand it.

Anyway, that's all I have to say for now --- the main point of this post was what AiSH said.

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