Thursday, February 22, 2018

Is this good news or questionable news?

So::: I've been going all this time bellyaching about the dearth of reported sales ----- all that work without income.

But ---- well, maybe things just aren't as they seem. You never know.

Today my bank phoned me. They sent me a letter that I never received in my letterbox.

That news, combined with how two years ago two packages I ordered on eBay never arrived -----

I guess I can safely start suspecting mail fraud or theft or something.

The bank also let me have another bit of information:::: either this information was intended for someone else, someone else who is rich but obviously doesn't know how to manage their accounts or money --------

or the bank might've (maybe) told me a little something that says I did get paid. And they let me have some idea of how much. But I'm not even sure this is true because of how sketchy the source of information was.

Either I did get paid and the bank is keeping it safe --- even from me --- or someone else out there has a big bank account with questionable tactics on how they manage their money.

Basically::: either no smart, sane person would do what I saw (as far as I know smartness and sanity to go) ----- or the bank let me in on a little secret.  Just maybe.

It's possible I did get paid. Just super-hush-hush about the details.

It's so hush-hush though, that I'm not even sure if I should believe myself about this, and I don't have access to the money anyway.

It might all just be a screw-up or misunderstanding or something.

But who knows:::: maybe that balance I saw was my RDSP's balance. Who knows.  A secret hidden RDSP that my parents don't know about which my nurse hinted at, but details are not forthcoming --- except for maybe the little clue I might've seen today.

Either it was a clue for me --- or some rich person is clueless about how they manage their money.

If this information wasn't mine ----- then I find it a bit odd that someone would be that lax with that much money's security.

Anyway, yeah.

This post is basically just to try to avoid blaming people for not paying me:::: because I saw potential information that might indicate that I might've been paid --- it's just real hush-hush. I guess.

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