Thursday, February 8, 2018

Feeling Validated

I am feeling so validated in just letting the phone go to voicemail every time unless I recognize the number.

The amount absolute-crap scam messages are astounding. So many messages that should just be completely ignored.

A week or two ago my Dad got an email that claimed to be from The Canada Revenue Agency saying they were giving him money ---- this was a phishing scam.

But it's just getting ---- so dumb ---- when now we get a phone call from the "CRA" accusing us of tax fraud.

I mean ---- wow ----- these scammers just don't know when to shut up, stop bothering people, and go home.

I mean ----- it really is just getting stupid when one week the CRA is sending us money and the next week we're being accused of tax fraud.

Holy crap.

I'm just dumbfounded at how dumb this stuff gets.

Anyway ------ part of this message is saying that so many messages can easily be ignored and it's ok because there is A LOT of crap out there -----

while pointing out how dumb it gets when two different scam messages completely contradict each other.

OMG.  It's just plain stupid.

Why can't we just be left in peace?

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