Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Discover Store Returns and an email

Yesterday I logged into Cortex and realized/noticed that the "Discover" part of the store has returned!! I was so happy. I downloaded a free game.

And this morning I woke up, checked my email, and found an email about language localization for the video game industry.

I then looked at the bottom of the email --- the message came from China.

Cortex doesn't allow new updates, and right now I'm not sure about publishing on any other system anytime soon.

All my games are just in English, except for Pfhonge, which I believe also has a Spanish version as well as a Chinese version (built into the game). Translated using Google Translate.

There was something else I think I wanted to write about on my blog as of last night --- but now I'm not sure I remember what it is.

I could mention that, related to the last post, that my old psychiatric nurse once told me that I should have an RDSP ----- so who knows if a secret RDSP that my parents don't even know about is the third option for where my money might go. You never know.

And yay ---- I get to get my battery replaced on my phone soon. Hopefully today. Not really important news for this blog.

I'm trying to think if I have anything really important to share that I forgot about. But I can't think of it.

Happy Valentine's Day.

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